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Technology is changing the face of education. An obvious statement, of course. Everybody from students to instructors to parents will agree. Over 40 years ago, the introduction of the pocket calculator allowed us to change the focus from menial calculations to applying our knowledge to solve problems and discover the power of mathematics. 

Since then we have seen leaps from innovation to innovation. The personal computer. Computer Algebra systems. Tablet computing....

Can you help me how to program about the interference of wave on the water surface in Maple ?

Never before has the educational landscape been changing as fast as it is today, driven by a new generation of students who are growing up with instant access to on-demand information. This generation relies on ubiquitous network access and takes for granted technology that permeates every aspect of their lives. Phones and tablets are everyday companions and are used to connect with their peers, take classroom notes and research school projects. Beyond being mere consumers...

Each announcement of a new version of Maple TA, including the latest Maple TA 9, see

contains the sentence:

"... includes connectors to Blackboard® and Moodle™"

But I have never seen any bit of information about

- how to install

- how to use

- what it is capable of

- etc...

Our Institute has Maple and...


I would be grateful if other users of Maple TA could post their experiences of the Equation Editor here.  I have used it in Maple TA 5 (on premise) and 8 (hosted) and in both cases it is incredibly slow to load, has errors with out of date certificates (I've been told these will be fixed in version 9), and sometimes just won't display an equation from the question at all.  I don't think I'm doing anything wrong (I position my cursor on the equation...

I've several versions behind but I getting a strange behavior. I created an assignment using the eco0 question bank. Later this assignment was passed to a class a semester later. The question bank eco0 was updated. As the instructor, using the review button on the assignment shows the new version of the question bank. As a student, the assignments are getting the old question bank question.  The students didn't start the assignment until after the questionbank change.(I think I'm using version 4.0.) 

Maple T.A. 9 is here!

The new release includes a large selection of useful new features and enhancements, including:

- Content. Maple T.A. 9 includes an easy mechanism to share questions with the community and access questions created by others, through the Maple T.A. Cloud. The Maple T.A. Cloud already contains thousands of questions that you can use and modify.

- Adaptive Testing. Expanding on the adaptive question...

i have a problem when i input this code in maple,..

how it can be error?

what the solve?

thanks for help me

the code:

> with(plots); with(DEtools); with(plottools); a := 0, 5; b := 0, 2; c := 0, 7; d := 0, 2; E := 0, 1;
                                    0, 5

We have added over 2000 new questions to the Maple T.A. Content Center.   Content comes from the University of Guelph, the University of Waterloo, the University of Portsmouth, and Keele University. Topics include calculus, statistics, engineering mathematics

I am experimenting with the new AS3 flash questions and everything works as expected except that I cannot load external swf files using a xml file. I have a parent swf file that behaves well, except that this parent swf cannot load the external swf files. It works flawlessly on my own website (which even does not have a cross-domain.xml file in the root directory).

Is there a restriction in Maple T.A. that prevents loading xml files by a swf (and/or loading external swf's in general)?

I'm using Latex to write sketching questions. Although it works well for me, and it is quite easy, there are a couple of things I want to do and couldn't:

1 - having the axes with different lenghts: the sketch area is always shown as a square, even when the axes have different lengths. I want to have a longer x axis, keeping the units proportional in both axes.

2 - having an image in the background of the skecth area.



I am a backend system administrator. We have been running Maple TA 2.51/PosgSQl 8.2.3 (I was not involved in original 2.51 setup).  I  built a new RHEL 5.5 With Maple T.A 8/PostgreSQL 9.1.  everything is working great in the new system, except I need to import the old data to the new system. I have no idea where to start or how to go about it.  any pointers will be great.


Thanks in advance.


I use combinat[randperm] in MapleTA to get random permutations. But everytime I call the corresponding question bank, I get the same sequence of permutations. Even a randomize();with(combinat);randperm... doesn't change this behaviour but every single student should get different homeworks. Any idea?

I usually write my question banks with LaTeX.


The manual says:

The LaTeX package epsfig is loaded by default. The ed package is required. Other standard LaTeX packages, for example, amsmath, can be included using the \usepackage macro.


But if I start my document with


and use for example \mathfrak{P} I only get a blank box instead of this symbol in my question bank.

When presenting  t3 / t2  by programming

   $formula = maple("printf(MathML:-ExportPresentation(t^3/t^2))");

MapleTA will automatically simplify this to the result:  t

How can I force MapleTA to not simplify this expression?


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