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This is my very first time using Maple or any program like it, so bare with me. I need to generate 50 random 4x4 matrices with entries in R and 50 more in Z. I also need to find out how many of them have the determinate of 0. Could anyone assist me in how I would go about doing this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you very much. Thank you, James D.
Maple solves the 4 equations for the 4 unknown, although I eventually need to end up with just the real part. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Once I get to the bottom of this worksheet and begin to try to extract (ie copy) each A1, A2, B1, B2, it freezes, my system stops functioning, to the point where I have to shut it down and restart it. Trying a few times, I see that, once I load this worksheet in, and begin at restart, once it does the last calculation, if I right click
I am trying to graph a unit circle with a triangle in the second quadrant on one set of axes.  Can anyone help with this?  I'm just learning Maple and am having a hard time with it.  Thanks!
I would like to be ale to define a function such as f(x)= exp(a*x) and have it display the gausian curve and animate as the values of x change.  The software keeps treating a as a variable of it's own, I want to treat it as a constant. 
This is a unique, powerful and useful tool that will help students do decompositions of rational functions. See the attached worksheet. Also, you can view an interactive video tutorial that shows you how to use the Partial Fractions Finder: (Ctrl + click on link below) Video Tutorial: Partial Fractions Finder      
My question is in the worksheet attached to this document.   Thank you, trinity  
  See the interactive Level Curves and Cross Sections video tutorial: (Ctrl+click on link) Video Tutorial: Level Curves and Cross Sections   Alternatively, you can view a worksheet that provides a review and an example of level curves and cross sections.  
I can't make logplot or semilogplot, what is wrong? When I write "plot(x -> 10^x)" I get a nice plot in linear paper, but when I write "logplot(x -> 10^x)" or "semilogplot(x -> 10^x)" nothing happens. What do I do wrong? - Uffe
Hello there,   the attached worksheet gives several examples of how to create implicit plots without commands and with commands.  
i been stuck on the attached files for days and i'm stuck on the regression line
If my numbers is a decimal point, do i have to revert it to a whole number
The attached worksheet starts off with two quick videos that show you how to write square roots, fractions and exponents. Feel free to create and attach a worksheet with all of your questions and math expressions. I'll go thought it and help out !  
  Hi there !   The attached worksheet has exciting animations made entirely through equations that we are familiar with from high school. The worksheet has an animation of a bouncing ball. No longer do you need a $500 camera to take photos to illustrate the sequence of motion - because Maple has that feature built - in !   Feel free to ask questions or add your worksheets to further develop mathematical animations.

How do you calculate the final velocities and the angles when two objects collide into one another...any help/info would be highly appreciated.


The attached worksheet shows you how to determine the arc length function and calculate the arc length of a function. The Arc Lengths Tutor will improve your understanding and help you with your homework ! You can also skip right away to an interactive video tutorial:

(Ctrl + Click)

Video Tutorial: Arc Lengths

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