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Dear all

I have created a script code in maple. I also have contructed a power circuit in matlab simulink. How I use my code in matlab?

I use the example procedure when search. Clock in help 

but elapsed function can only run one time

because it return clock is not running

need to run clock start again and calculate from beginning again

how elapsed function can run more times

I am using Maple 2015 and when assigning a name to a function or expression and hit enter, it appears like in the following picture.

However, I want to make it appear like in the following picture:

How can I make that ?

Thank you !

Cmaple always print the source code first and then print output , how to print output only without printing heading logo and source code by default when use cmaple

When print a formula , if variable has power, the power will print in another row

how can it print like a^2 in one row 


I know there are other methods to solve this classic probem, but I wanted to cast it as a linear program. I wonder if an expert can look at my IP coding and please correct my error.

sorry its a mishmash of 1D and 2D inputs

Sorry if this question is trivial, but my search for an answer was not a success.

I get diagnostics [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]. This is what is expected, and I expect to get this diagnostics quite often. I know how I can increase the limit (Tools->Options->Precision), but I wonder how I can compute the length of the output using some Maple function, so that I don't need to determine the required limit by the try-and-error method each time or keep the limit very high and get output that I don't need (I know how to switch off output of an operator completely).

Thank you

I bought a new macbook pro and want to move my maple2015 software and licence to this new platform?  Simply copy my folder to the new application folder? How do I reinstall the necessary licence ?

Thx for your help

sols[11][1] = [1,1];

sols[11][2] = [1,2];

sols[11][3] = [5,10];


animate(plot, sols[11][A], A=1..20, frames = 20);

Error bad index into Vector

animate(plot, [sols[11]], A=1..20, frames = 20);

this writing can be ploted, but when i play animation, can not see it draw step by step


all lines are in the same color, but would like to specify the final line [30,23],[12,30] another color how to do?




there is no lines in plot3d

plot can do this, plot3d seems different



Tryed to work this application, but problems encountered.


I installed PostgreSQL, (i believe version 8.4 from 2010) which I found at "oldapps" (the current version is 9.6).

I'm running Win 7, 64 bit. Anyways, I have to change the paths below "Query the database":

driver := LoadDriver(classpath = "C://Program Files (x86)//PostgreSQL//pgJDBC//postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar");

conn := driver:-OpenConnection("jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/zip_codes", "postgres", "password");

I fail to see pgJDBC folder and a search for .jar files in the directory yields only 3 jar files, non resembling the above. tried example.jar

same error. heres a screenshot of my directory

Helle everybohy,

I need to setup a metric tensor in 3-d but with the varalble r, theta and phi.  So I try this:

>with(Physics); Setup(mathematicalnotation = true, dimension = 3)

>Setup(coordinates = spherical[r, theta, varphi], metric = M)

where M is the metric that I need to use.  But the last command does not work.  Il I don't write [r, theta, varphi], it work but it's r, theta and t.

Any hint on this please?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Mario Lemelin

Hello. My question is enclosed in the Maple file. Using DrawGraph I get a complicated mess.


Hello! with the datapoints below I've calulated the results "manually" 
I'm looking for a way to make Maple tell me the intersection of these datapoints with the x-axis and also, the area under it from e.g. 0 to 5.125, which i've also had to calculate by hand... I know I can use int comand to do this, but I think there is a lot wrong with the syntax, so after hours of failure I hope someone can show me the right commands..





t1 := Matrix(14, 2, {(1, 1) = 0, (1, 2) = 0, (2, 1) = 0, (2, 2) = 4170, (3, 1) = 1, (3, 2) = 3966, (4, 1) = 1, (4, 2) = 3466, (5, 1) = 3, (5, 2) = 3058, (6, 1) = 3, (6, 2) = 3058, (7, 1) = 4, (7, 2) = 1854, (8, 1) = 4, (8, 2) = 1354, (9, 1) = 7, (9, 2) = -2258, (10, 1) = 7, (10, 2) = -2758, (11, 1) = 8, (11, 2) = -3962, (12, 1) = 8, (12, 2) = -3962, (13, 1) = 10, (13, 2) = -4370, (14, 1) = 10, (14, 2) = 0})plot(t1); =  



The intersection of this plot with the x-axis should be ≈ 5.125 and the area from 0 to 5.125 (or from 5.125 to 10) should be ≈ 13810








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