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Dear Community,

Entering a long line in 1D mode breaks at the right window bounday. How could I prevent this? I would like the entered line stay just as one, single, long line extending over the window boundary and I would like to use the bottom window scroll bar to view it. BTW it also does not appear, so how could I invoke it? I use Maple2016. I have neither found any information about this in the help, nor in the documentation.

Also is there a possibility to split the IDE screen vertically, as e.g. in Visual Studio? Looking at long programs this feature is very useful.

tx in advance,

best regards


Moments ago, when I consulted the help pages, there popped up an Update window followed by a download of some 100MB+, and then nothing more seemed to happen. What was that about?, I wonder. Was it automatic updating of the help pages, or what?

Is there a command to find out what is new in 2017.1 that just got installed on my PC?

  Maple 2017.1, X86 64 WINDOWS, Jun 19 2017, Build ID 1238644

I searched and googled and could not find such a command.

It used to be that when I clicked on the little icon in the help window which tells Maple to display all examples in 1D, then I did not see any 2D or any document style (i.e. italic) notation in the examples.

Now in Maple 2017 I see many examples in help show up in 2D/italic. It is worst, on same page, some code displays in Maple language and some code displays in 2D notation.

I do not like 2D. I want to only see examples written in the plain good old fashioned Maple language (which Maplesoft seems to be trying very hard to kill as it seems to be trying to force document style/2D on users by any means).

Here is an example. ?diff shows this

The above has 2D as input and above it has Maple code as input. One can't even copy the input to the open worksheet. If I copy it, this what happens:


Here is another example, from page titled


Scrolling down I see this

I want all the input code above in examples and documentation to be in plain 1D Maple language notation. Not italic and not 2D and not anything fancy.  I do not like to even look at italic code above.

But clicking on the icon has no effect.

Is there a way to force everything to show using Maple notation for input? 

Maple help and documenation is a big mess if you ask me.



We have just released an update to Maple, Maple 2017.1.  It includes improvements to the display on high resolution monitors for the debugger, MapleCloud, and help system table of contents. It also contains a variety of small improvements to the math engine, including in limit, series, Physics, typesetting, and PackageTools. This update is available through Tools>Check for Updates in Maple, and is also available from our website on the Maple 2017.1 download page.


In some cases, maple is able to return a series expansion when line A is called but fails to do so when line B is called, and in the help page for asympt it defines them to be identical procedures:

A: asympt(f,z)


this has generally occured when ever the function f is of the form:

where g(z) has an asymptotic expansion and when asympt(f,z) is called, maple provides this expansion divided by the exponential function, however line B as prescribed above returns an error. 


So, my question is, which line in showstat(asympt) is responsible for catching the error which line B as above encounters?

I am computing some finite points in the plane. Then I'm using point style plot to plot them. My points have order and I want to conncet the i-th point to the (i+1)-th point with a line segment. I searched the help but I didn't figure out how to do it. Is it possible to do this in Maple?

If I just want to define an itegral and do not want maple to simplify it to a closed form, what should I do?

For example, I want define

s := int(exp(-x^2)*cos(2*x*y), x = 0 .. infinity).

Maple automatically simplify s to


But I want to keep s in integral form.

This Saturday is Canada’s 150th birthday. As you can imagine, the country has been paying a lot more attention to this year’s anniversary than our usual low key approach, and as a Canadian company, we at Maplesoft decided to join in the fun.

And what better way for Maplesoft to celebrate Canada’s birthday than to create a maple leaf in Maple! 

So here is a maple leaf inspired by the Canada 150 logo, which was created by Ariana Cuvin, a student at the University of Waterloo and former co-op here at Maplesoft:

Here’s the code to reproduce this plot:





Know other ways to plot a maple leaf in Maple?  If so, please share them below - we’d love to see them!

Is there any method or a command to use or type so Maple start running something or evaluating and if it took more than a specific amount of time, then itself automatically stops itself without needing me to interrupt the evaluation?

For example let's say I wrote a proc, for some inputs it may compute the output fast but in some it may even don't answer after hours. Now I am writing a for and I don't know for which steps it can answer in less than a minute. So I like to add something so that Maple starts the FOR but in steps that it takes more than a minute, it automatically stops evaluation at that step and jump to the next step.

I am trying to plot some graphs for a differential equations class. I need to plot two equations (soln1a, soln1b1) in one graph, with the two curves overlayed on each other. I am trying to plot them on a graph named "gr1c". The error I get says "Error, (in plots/multiple) empty plot". Clicking on the error results in a webpage saying that "There is no help page available for this error".

When I plot each equation separately, there are no errors. The graphing command that works for soln1a is 



and the graphing command that works for soln1b1 is


My code is as follows. I would greatly appreciate any help ASAP to remove the error. Thank you!



deG:=diff(theta(t),t,t) + mu*diff(theta(t),t)+K*sin(theta(t))= 0;
deL:=diff(theta(t),t,t) + mu*diff(theta(t),t)+K*theta(t)= 0;
Iv:=theta(0)=0.75, D(theta)(0)=2.0;



Unfortunately, the Differential Geometry package is too difficult for non-mathematicians. Is there a package in the Maple for classical differential geometry?

dear all,

I have a problem when I try to find points on boundary of the surface.

the surface ploted from a matrix as follow:


please help me to generate a bondary curve of this surface.





Dear all,


I want to plot three different plots but not at once! I mean I want to have an animated plot / gif file which shows the plots one by one:

first plot1, then plot2 is added, and at the end plot 3 is added!


Let's say my plots are





Do you have any suggestions for me?


I have made a program to plot y(t) vs x(t). Can you please modify to plot y vs x data from an excel file.

Given x in A column and y in B column in 5 rows.

Example data: [[1,1],[2,4],[3,9],[4,16],[5,26]]



Ramakrishnan V

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