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currently im working on a project in which i basically have to calcuate and plot a little solar system, using newton mechanic. The work is done, but as it appears, the solution simply cannot be true. In the given example you can see that the planets move in more or less straight lines. I presume that the error is somewhere in the solution of the system of differential equations, but i can't see where it is.

I am grateful for every advice.


I m using the follwing commands for ploting the five differnt values of M

SDfd1 := odeplot(dsol[1], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = green, axes = box);
SDfd2 := odeplot(dsol[2], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = red, axes = box);
SDfd3 := odeplot(dsol[3], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = blue, axes = box);
SDfd4 := odeplot(dsol[4], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = black, axes = box);
SDfd5 := odeplot(dsol[5], [eta, diff(f(eta), eta)], -1 .. 1, color = pink, axes = box);
display([SDfd1, SDfd2, SDfd3, SDfd4, SDfd5], labels = ["η", "f ' (η)"],
    labeldirections = [horizontal, vertical], labelfont = [italic, 16], axes = boxed,
    axesfont = [times, 14], thickness = 3);

But i do not want in colors.....i need graph without colors in different styles. how can ? Moreover i need legend which must be in centre of graph or within the box. It must not on left, right ,up or below. can some one help ?

Find the least number of moves and how many different ways that is achieved to win snakes and ladders with 1 die, with 2 dice, and how about 3 dice.  How to realize this with Maple?



I need your help to classify the follwing set {0}, {1} and [0,1] are local attractor or not and in the case of local attractor how can we determine the bassin of attraction. 


how can we prove using maple which of {0}, {1} and [0,1] are local attarctor or not.

Many thanks


How to convert a system of differential equations to a matrix?

can infolevel show this matrix during the process?

If algebra use factorise method,

Which method do maple use to dsolve differential equation?


I am trying to perform the following integral:

Which spits the integral back out at me.

I've also tried

Which, again, spits the integral back out at me.

My last attempt was this

Which... Still spit back out the integral.

Is there something special I should be doing for functions I'm integrating with a natural log? I need to get an exact value for this, not an approximation (because I am trying to check the accuracy of an approximation with this!).



i'am beginers in  the maple programmation, i want to solve the einstien equation in the spherical coordinate,



I have a nested for loop that iterates through a range of values for x and y coordinates to create a 3d surface for illustration of my research. after the x loop there is a y loop, and inside of that y loop is a series of commands to find some eigenvalues of a matrix (which become the z coordinates) and sort them into already open files. This isn't bad when the precision i require is more than .02, but some of my matrices require up to 0.005 or less. The latter precision costs hours of computation time on just one processor. However my laptop has an i7, so I want to see if i can get the for loop to send its next iteration to the next processor in line while it has the previous ones still calculating. Have any tips?

how to design antenna with maple i am looking for designing patch antenna using graphene 

Searching for "typeset but do not execute" in MaplePrimes returns several hits.  The following looks primising:

acer - Replies
... Note that Maple doesn't do so much with this computationally, since it's interpreted
just as a ... But if the 2D Input is only used as typeset math without ...


Clicking on that link, however, leads to a page which has nothing to do with the searched item.  How does one navigate to the correct page?

Hello I am a student in university from Indonesia

I have installed my app maple13. But to activated need purchase code. Where i can find my purchase code.

Its Important for me.


I was posting some code on a forum tonight. I specificially added # comments to the code. I used Ctrl_c ,Crtl_v. All the # comments were removed including the 2016 grey boxes which appeared as NULL.

Is there away around this. The comments were very important to help in understanding. The pasted code did look readable though.

I also experimented with exporting the code as .txt and opening it in Word. Required loads of editing to make it look presentable, which really opend the door to introuucing errors, also all # coments were removed too.

The forum just has the normal type comments box. Nothing fancy. Actually it is a WordPress Blog. It does accept latex but that is ok for one or two lines. Could be a real mess if 30--40 lines of code go wrong and latex as far as I know can't be copy/pasted back in to Maple.



How Maple knows free and dummy index?


In Maple18.02:

Hso := Matrix(8, {(1, 4) = -x, (1, 6) = I*x, (2, 3) = x, (2, 5) = I*x, (3, 2) = x, (3, 5) = -I*z, (3, 8) = y, (4, 1) = -x, (4, 6) = I*z, (4, 7) = -y, (5, 2) = -I*x, (5, 3) = I*z, (5, 8) = -I*y, (6, 1) = -I*x, (6, 4) = -I*z, (6, 7) = -I*y, (7, 4) = -y, (7, 6) = I*y, (8, 3) = y, (8, 5) = I*y})

av, AV := LinearAlgebra[Eigenvectors](Hso)

Error, (in Polynomial:-Quadratic) type `truefalseFAIL` does not exist

This does not happen in Maple17.

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