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Hi there,

I'm new here. My first question:

Is there a way to make Maple output display explicit multiplcations signs in 2D-math?

When you enter 5*2^x Maple will output 5*2^x. Is there a way to make Maple display the multiplications signs in output in stead just implicit multiplication signs (i.e. whitepaces)? (I would settle for Maple display all multiplication signs in output - not just the ones which are made explicit in the input.)

I searched this site. No luck. I looked into "Typesetting Rule Assistant", but I couldn't find a way to alter the output of multiplication sign (*).

Can you guys help me?

Kind Regards,



P.S.: I'm a teacher from Denmark. We use Maple before college/university for a lot of pupils. Some less competent pupils have a tendency to overlook the whitespace.

How we can construct conservation laws of fractional differential equation with Maple?

Respected member!
Please help me to find the solution of attached problem,  I am a new user so please forgive any mistakes.maple.mwmaple.mw

Can anyone solve,

eqn := diff(x(t), t, t)+omega^2*x(t)-epsilon*mu*(diff(x(t), t))+epsilon*alpha*x(t)^2*(diff(x(t), t))+epsilon*Zeta*cos(Omega*t)*x(t)=0;

This equation using MMS (Method of Multiple Scales) in maple.

Pls use Polar transformation function as (1/2)*a(t)*exp(-I*beta(t))

Please reply.

I am trying to see the solution to a PDE that I am coding with initial and boundary conditions. I know with the ODE, it shows the solution, but with the PDE I cannot seem to see it. Any suggestions?

Hi, i try resolve this equations numerical for the boundary between the spinglass and ferromagnetic phases:






Hi Dears,

I studied the concept of Grobner bases and some algorithm for computing them. I understood that the computation of grobner bases is related to the term ordering. Also, I knew that LEX ordering is very expensive. So, it is good idea to use the Grobner basis conversion algorithms such as FGLM and Grobner walk algorithm. Now, I want to know concerning the complexity of these algorithm (Buchbergers algorithm, F4 and F5 algorithm, FGLM algorithm and Grobner walk). I hope my question be appropriate in this site,

Thank you in advance.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Any help will be appreciated

I have a continuous time dynamical system

x in R ( set of real number)

t  a positive real time

and the function f_t(x)=x-t

How can we plot or sketch their behaviour in the phase space and in the extended phase space


Many thanks



Greetings to all.

My apologies if this is a repeat, I could not ascertain if this question has been asked before. I am not able to enter a tilde in my home page URL in my profile. I used the escape sequence %7E as a workaround. This does not work in all browsers however, e.g. the page displays correctly in Chrome but not in Firefox. How to enter the tilde into my profile URL? (The tilde is commonly used to indicate the directory public_html in a user's home directory by the Apache web server.) Thank you.

Marko Riedel

A family of curves has polar equation r=cos^n (theta/n), 0<=theta,n*pi, where n is a positive even integer.

Previously Using t = theta as the parameter and finding  a parametric form of the equation of the family of curves it was shown that 

dy/dx = (sin(t)sin(t/n)-cos(t)cos(t/n)) /( sin(t)cos(t/n)+cos(t)sin(t/n)).

Is it possible to show on Maple with a program that there are n+1 points where the tangent to the curve is paralell to the y axis?

Suppose that a finite set of polynomials in C[x,y,z] has a finite number of solutions (i.e. the generated ideal is 0-dimensional).

Suppose also that the Groebner basis wrt plex(x,y,z) is

[f(z), g(y,z), h(y,z), k(x,y,z)]

As well known, the system can be now easily solved: choose a root z0 of f, plug it into g and h and look for a common root (y0) etc.

The question is the following:
Is it true that for EVERY root z0 of f there exist y0, z0 such that (x0,y0,z0) satisfy the system?

In all the examples I have seen this is true, but I don't know whether this is true in general or there is a counterexample.

[This is not a pure Maple question but I know that some members here work in this area].

Thank you.

when i use the command evalf(Int(f(y),y=-b..b)), i expect that the output of this command to be an integer. but the output is to form of below:

i think that the problem is because of the form of the function f(y) that is the form of below:

f(y) = a*10^354*(b*10^-356*g(sin(y) , cos(y) and exp(y)))

but i dont know how i solve this problem:(

please help me. thank you

I followed the steps given in the example of Maple help "Example 5: Adding a MathMLViewer Region" but I get the next error window.

Do you know what is my mistake?

thank you.

Connecting to a linux x2go server with an x2go client (tried Mac and Linux) and try to start maple2016 in a terminal, I get this error:

$ /opt/maple2016/bin/xmaple 
Exception in thread "Request id 1" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: PERPIXEL_TRANSLUCENT translucency is not supported
    at java.awt.Window.setBackground(Window.java:3842)
    at java.awt.Frame.setBackground(Frame.java:988)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiSplashScreen.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiGenericStartupStrategy.showSplash(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiGenericStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiWorksheetStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.Maple.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.Application.startup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol$StartApplicationHandler.processCommand(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.executeCommand(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.processNextStep(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ExchangeProtocol.executeProtocol(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ApplicationManager$Listener.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

The same xmaple will start graphically if I connect with a normal remote X connection. However a normal remote X connection is unusable on a slow network connection.




How to build cuboid in pyramid like this animation


Thanks !

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