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Hello guys,

I´ve a little bit problem by plotting an pyramid with an triangle in it. When I want to display both

parts, in the drawing the left and the right part and the top of the pyramid is missing. What is the problem ???


All the 3d plot in my maple are upside down.....the tickmarks..the numbering even the lebeling are also upside do i solve it....plz help

I have a task. Draw a cylinder of a certain diameter and length. And there is a table of values with points inside this cylinder. How to display the points inside the cylinder (the table of values has 3 parameters - angle (sin (a)), radius (R), length?

I'm doing a Maximum/Minimum problem ( Calculus 3).

I need to plot f(x,y) =   x2  + y 2 -2y + 1

over R={x,y): x 2 + y 2         (less than or equal sign) 4}

I am using matrices to input data in order to plot it on a surface plot. Is it then possible to export an animation of this graph rotating around an axis?

My matrix is 40 x 3 Matrix


Thanks :)


I am exporting Maple 3d graphics to eps file with Maple 17 and Maple 2015 under Mac OS. For instance, the result of plot3d(x*y,x=0..1,y=0..1); I cannot open the resulting eps file neither with Adobe software or Apple's First View. On the contrary, I can open the eps files with Maple 18. I hope you can help me.

Best wishes


Parametric equation of a circle in 3d by three points. Draghilev method.


I'm currently using Maple 17 and I'm trying to programatically export .eps 3D plots using the following code:

plotsetup(eps, plotoutput = `square_of_x`, plotoptions = `color=rgb , portrait, noborder, height=4in,width=4in, shrinkby=0.1`)

The problem that I'm facing is:

1- The z-axis label is outside of my figure (see uploaded figure). This happens even if I try to save the figure in .png and it seems that the 'shrinkby' option its not working properly;

Could you help me solving this?



I uploaded this file to the Maple Cloud. One a 3d animation and one just a 3d plot. When I open the file in the Maple Cloud from my browser,  I cannot rotate either plot with the mouse. Is there a way to change the worksheets so rotation from the browser will be possible?

How do i generate 4d plot of f(x,y,z)=1 is it possible made it in 3d?

i would like to plot a cube with the color given by a 3 variables functions (a way to plot in R^4)

in this way the cube is the domain of the functions, its color is the value of the function, i would like to put in evidence the max min of such function

but the command that i tried to use does not work:

plots[display](plotools([cuboid]([0,0,0],[1,1,1]),trasparency=.7,colorscheme["xyzcoloring",proc(x,y,z) option operator , arrow; x^2 + y^2 - z^2 end(proc)])

thanks for your help, anna rita

plz help! How to draw the three-dimensional graphics (p(x,t))? When I run,it can not run.I do not know where the problem lies.The code is as follows:

with(PDEtools); with(student); KN := 3;
C2 := 1/.3; C1 := 0.6e-2/(.3); C3 := 4.3/(.3); beta := 0.43e-1;
ADM1 := proc (n) options operator, arrow; convert(subs(lambda = 0, value((Diff(F(Sum(lambda^i*U[i], i = 0 .. n)), `$`(lambda, n)))/factorial(n))), diff) end proc; A0[0] := F(U[0]);
for n to KN do A0[n] := ADM1(n) end do;
for n from 0 to KN do A[n] := unapply(simplify(convert(C1*(diff(subs({seq(U[i] = p[i](x, t), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]*exp(U[0]), A0[n]))), t)), diff)+C2*convert(subs({seq(U[i] = Diff(p[i](x, t), x), i = 0 .. KN)}, expand(subs(F(U[0]) = U[0]^2, A0[n]))), diff)), x, t) end do;
p[0] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; .2*sin((1/2)*Pi*x)*exp((-1/4)*t*Pi*Pi/C1) end proc;
p[1] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; (-(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[0](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[0](x, t)), s = 0 .. t))/beta end proc;
p[2] := proc (x, t) options operator, arrow; -(int(subs(t = s, C3*(diff(p[1](x, t), x))), s = 0 .. t))+int(subs(t = s, A[1](x, t)), s = 0 .. t) end proc;
p := unapply(subs(x = Zeta, t = tau, p[0](x, t)+p[1](x, t)+p[2](x, t)), Zeta, tau);

I have two deformed planes, that i would like to draw with 3dplot, as well as drawing a curve marking their intersection.

the curves are given by the expressions:

C = -(k[d2]*B[2]+I*k[m]+k[d1]*B[1])/((B[1]+B[2]-R)*k[a1]+(B[1]+B[2]-R)*k[a2]-k[m]),

C = k[d1]*B[1]/(k[a1]*(R-B[1]-B[2]))


evaluated at

Pars := [k[a1] = 6*10^(-4), k[d1] = 7*10^(-3), k[a2] = 5*10^(-4), k[d2] = 10^(-2), R = .5, k[m] = 10^(-4), C[T] = 100, h = 10^(-6)]

with the variables B[1],B[2] and C within the bounds [0..0.5],[0..0.5],[0..100].


My method was to try and use solve to find a formula for the intersection curve- but i couldn't get 3dplot to plot it!

Hi Everyone!

I want to import a maple 3D Diagram to TecPlot or Excel.

The diagram is a function of x & y.

I couldn't find any soloution to export a 3D diagram in Maple.

Any solution???




i would like to plot a graph in R^3 of a function f(n,t), where n is integer and t is real. For every t i would like to have a sequence of points. Is it possible?

thanks, anna rita 

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