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Hello i need a tutor to help me with  Numerical analysis on Maple and the programming part. Im In UAE but we can do this online as well


I try his code:


for i to 6 do u[i, j] := (u[i-1, j]+u[i+1, j]+lambda*(u[i, j-1]+u[i, j+1])+sigma(h, r[i+1])*(u[i+1, j]-u[i-1, j]))/mu end do;

Error, too many levels of recursion.

I want to the  results of the analytic equations, for example:

 u[1,j]= (u[0, j] + u[2, j] + lambda (u[1, j - 1] + u[1, j + 1])                                                       

      + sigma(h, r[2]) (u[2, j] - u[0, j]))/mu






I have a perfectly working when all parameters are known (figure 1), however I want to perform a sensitivity analysis by derivating the code if one parameter is unknown. Because of multiple possible answers and because of the complexity of the formula, I cannot run this script and get solutions. Any ideas how I can this calculation lighter so it is able to run? Values should be real and positive (so 1 or 2 solutions are the only one I'm interested in)

Any ideas, how I can make this code runnable? (file is below)

I'm stuck on this for a while now :/ So I hope someone will be able to help me

Many thanks in advance!l

Figure 1: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]


Figure 2: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

I'm working on my master thesis and trying to solve this equation on maple, after I developed my equation and solving it for N=2,3 and then trying to solve it for N=4 and 5 it took so much long time(more than two days without get any answer), so i'm asking you now to help me reducing the time for solving this complicated equation.

a := .4; lB := .714; R := 3.2; Z := 24; L := 88; `ℓ` := 2*Z/eta; eta := 1; b := .7; N := 4; Lx = (-N*l+L)/N; r = Lx+2*R



















Lx = 88/3-l


r = Lx+6.4


F := N*(l*ln(R/a)-l*ln(l/R)+(l-`ℓ`)^2/(2*R))+((N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))*ln((L-l)/((N-1)*a))+2*(L-l)*ln((L-l)/((N-1)*a))/(N-1)+sum(((N-q)*(l-`ℓ`)*(l-`ℓ`))/(q*(2*R+l)+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1)), q = 1 .. N)+sum((2*N-2*q)*(l-`ℓ`)*ln(((L-l)/(N-1)+(2*q-1)*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))/((2*q-1)*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))), q = 1 .. N-1)+sum((2*(l-`ℓ`))*ln(((L-l)/(N-1)+(2*q-1)*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))/((2*q-1)*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))), q = 1 .. N)+sum((N-q-1)*((2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln(2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))-2*((L-l)/(N-1)-2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln((L-l)/(N-1)-2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))+(2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln(2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))), q = 1 .. N-1)+sum(2*((2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln(2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))-2*((L-l)/(N-1)-2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln((L-l)/(N-1)-2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))+(2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))*ln(2*q*R+(q-1)*(L-l)/(N-1))), q = 1 .. N-1)+(2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))*ln(2*(L-l)/(N-1)+2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))-2*((L-l)/(N-1)+2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))*ln((L-l)/(N-1)+2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))+(2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))*ln(2*N*R+(N-1)*((L-l)/(N-1)))



s := diff(F, l)



solve(s, l)






Hello all,

When I try to do this example, in the multibody analysis,

Thats already written :


but when I enter theses formulas(mModel & MB), that write instead of the example:

"Analyzing system..."
"Performing constraint analysis..."
"The system has 2 degree(s) of freedom. It is modeled using 2

generalized coordinate(s) coupled by 0 algebraic constraint(s\

And I have no result if i do vPosCons := MB:-GetPosCons(); . What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi all,

I tried to used some statistical methods to analyze the data in maple and encountered some problems.

I wanted to perform a cluster analysis to quantify differences among individual samples and hoped to create the dendrogram like this:


For example, each sample is assigned to a cluster and there are about 4 main clusters plus additional outliers in this case through the dendrogram method.

But I didn't find any related command to create this kind of graph. How to realize this analysis in Maple? 

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

hi, i have a problem with maple. i took the codes from a book, it should be true but even i copied and past exactly the same, again the maple gave me error which i couldnt solve. could you please help me? how can i correct it ? incorrect codes are below, but if you need all codes i can write here. i need a solution immediately :(

>relativefrequencies := proc(text, language)
evalf(frequencies(text, language)/StringTools:-Length(text))
end proc:
VigenereKeyFind := proc(ciphertext, max:=floor(StringTools:-Length(ciphertext)/15),
uses StringTools;
local freqs;
freqs := map(x -> relativefrequencies(x, language),
map(Implode, partit(Explode(ciphertext),
keylength(ciphertext, max, ’:-language’=language))));
Implode(map(li -> frequencyanalysis(li, ’:-language’=language), freqs))
end proc;

Error, (in VigenereKeyFind) ``’`` does not evaluate to a module

I have the following expression 



I want to get the expression in a form in which all the coeffs are fixed to 7 decimal places. 


I have tried with 


Please help me plot the graphs of the following equations:-

eq1 := diff(E[X(t)], t) = lambda-delta*E[X(t)]-beta*E[X(t)*V(t)];
 eq2 := diff(E[Y(t)], t) = -delta*E[Y(t)]+beta*exp(-rho*tau)*E[X(t)*V(t)];

eq3 := diff(E[V(t)], t) = gamma+N*kappa*E[Y(t)]-mu*E[V(t)]-beta*E[X(t)*V(t)]
NB:- E[X(t)]= the expected value of variable X at time t. 
Please help me know how to input this...

hello everyone, I have a numerical methids exam in acouple of hours and I just dound out that maple 11 on our campus computers has an old student package tht doesnt include numercalanalysis , is there anyway to update it ?

I am trying to model a multibody system using euler lagrange equation. There are 3 links in the system attached with each other by revolute joints. The first link has one end fixed with the revolute joint.

Length of links= l1,l2,l3

Angle with x axis=Theta1,Theta2,Theta3

Mass of links=m1,m2,m3

Moment of Inertia = M1,M2,M3

I am not able to find the solution of ODE system comprising of 3 ODEs which I get after solving Euler Lagrange Eq for...


Dear Sir,

I attached an example file to this email via speedyshare, please check it out, also please see the following pasted warning message from that file.

My analysis gives a warning. Though I have results that look reliable, it is nasty to receive this kind of warning...

Actually what this warning means?
Does it affect the results badly?
How about reliability...

Hi all

I need to find the fourier coefiicients.  In the following Maple program I get the fourier transform of the signal which is fine, BUT actually I am interested in finding A0, An and Bn of the signal denoted by Plot(f(t),t=0..2*Pi);

step:= 2*Pi/2000;
   f:= t -> piecewise(t >= start_point1...


I asked Maple to evaluate (using "evalf") an infinite sum and it says (very quickly) that the answer is identically 0 (not 10^(-7)).

When I numerically  evaluate a large number of terms of the sum, the answer gets smaller as the number of terms increases, so it seems that Maple is probably correct. The fact that the answer is immediate suggest that Maple is doing some analysis rather than adding a large number of numerical values.

I'd like to...

I'm trying to plot phase analysis for the Friedmann's equation, however when running the protocol and trying to plot these phase analysis, it comes up with error that rho wasn't allowed in the set of options!

Here's the code i'm having difficulty with!?!

> SFsys := proc (lambda, W, ics, T, v, u) local sys, flatF, rho0line, plot0, plotDSp, plotDSm, plotE, flatF_Plot, IC, df1, df2; 
sys := eval(DSys, {Lambda = lambda, gamma = W}); 
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