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assume x,y is a real number and {x>4,y>4}, how can i get the supplementary set ({x<=4,y<=4}) of x,y in the real domain by maple?

Hi all,

I have some "boolean variable" constraint equation like this:


where a1,a2,...,an and b1, b2, ..., bn are 1 or -1

These equations will be used in LPSolve or the other command to find a group of parameters which can fit them.

Now I used for-loop to deal with this kind of question, for example:

But there are more than 10 boolean variables in my case and It's very inefficient. On the other hand, using for-loop to determine the equation we solve in the command will lead to great confusion.

I think there should be some ways able to solve this kind of "boolean variables" question in Maple, such as, through assume command to define the type of "boolean variable".

But I have no idea how to do it.

I am new to maple, having recently made the switch from mathCAD, and I am having problems getting the basics to do what I think they ought to be doing.

I am trying to get maple to go step by step through a derivation of a formula. In one line I define a variable

U4 := expression

In the next line I will call the same variable and take the derivative of it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it evaluates to zero when it should not. I can't seem to pin down a pattern of when it does and does not work. I will change something that is not working, and then change it back, and it will work. Am i assigning my variables inconsistently? 

I took a screencapture of the worksheet in question. Thanks in advance for the help.

Screen shot

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