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i need to calculate the radius of an arc. i have that the chord lenght is 96 inches and the distance between the chord and the arc is 6 inches perpendicular from the center of the chord. assuming that i am working with a circle.... how do i calculate the radius of the circle????

Dear Maple helpers. Here a toy-version of my huge problems.


I want to do following:


1). Assuming (0 <a=1/2,  b=1/2, c=1/2)


I want  to plot (the surface of)  


f(x,y,z) = x^a * y^b * z^c   in the space (x,y,z) for

f(x,y,z)=50, 100 and 150, and with  x=0..40 ,  y=0..40, z=0..40


I tried with plot3d but it is not possible.  How could I do with Maple 14?...

Thank you

Your answer makes sense if Maple evaluates from innermost to outermost, so the substitution in T2c takes place AFTER Test is evaluated with a symbolic value of "n".

 But it doesn't explain why the "assuming" examples work - or don't work. If "Test" is evaluated first, then none of the examples should work; if the assumption is passed through "simultaneously" (whatever that means), then the wording of the error message doesn't make sense...

The attached file demonstrates that a substitution into a piecewise function appears (sometimes) to execute the wrong half of the function.

If I use "assuming" instead of substitution, the assumption appears to get through to the piecewise function, but only sometimes.

I don't understand why this happens. Can anyone clarify what is going on? See below.

Thank you.



Maple does not find the product
product((k+a)*(k+b)/((k+c)*(k+d)), k = 1 .. infinity) assuming a > 0, b > 0, c > 0, d > 0, a+b = c+d;

                         GAMMA(c) GAMMA(d) infinity


is it possible to search for only real discontinuities? There is a discont command and you can see in the help that it finds discontinuities over the reals. But it searches also over the complex domain. Can I restrict the command only for the real domain? I tried to use "assuming real", "RealDomain", but nothing works.

You can try the following example function: f := x-> 3/(1-exp(1/x)):

The only real discontinuity is in 0,...

Compare the results of isdifferentiable on 3 piecewise defined expressions f, g, and h.

The first time the order of the asking is f, g, h. The second time (after a restart) the order is h,g,f.

The results are remarkably different! What is going on?

isdifferentiable was first brought to my attention within the last week or so, maybe it is not reliable?

If you remove all the lines with 'assuming' then the inconsistency remains.



I need define a same equation with different parametric settings


Maple carries out the following solving task without any problems:

X1 := RandomVariable(Geometric(q)):


Anyway, when I add common assumptions (0<q, q<1), then Maple will not carry out the task:

X1 := RandomVariable(Geometric(q)) assuming 0<q, q<1:


Why is that the case?

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