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Hello there, my first time posting in this forum and using Maple, so sorry if I make some mistakes.

I'm trying to read a wav audio file, but there's this weird error that I can't understand : 


[Audio, Clip, Convolution, Create, Duration, Extract, FormatFromName, Formats, Modulate, Normalize, Play, Preview, Read, Record, Resample, Scale, ToMono, ToStereo, Write]

audio := Read("C:\\Users\\Simon\\Desktop\\Test\\440.wav");

Error, (in readbytes) WAVE Error: unexpected end of file

Do you know what it can mean ? I'm sure it's a wave file, so I don't really get it

I attempted to use convolution in AudioTools to convolve 2 vectors with arbitrary values, but could not since the operation is expecting numeric values.  Can this be done?    Is there not a convolution operastor in the LinearAlgebra package?  See attached:


Hello to all


I am Jorge Gracia an exchange student working on my Thesis.

I started working with maple recently, and I am having some problems to achieve the results that I am looking for.

My work consist in the next Steps.

Using maple and taking some fatigue tests data, create a wav file with the some of the following formats:

Supported data formats are wave type 1 (PCM integer Data 8 Bit unsigned, 16 Bit signed or 32 Bit

signed) and wave type 3 (PCM float data (32 Bit IEEE float).


In the same way, if I already have a wav file, read the values of every point of the wave in order to understand and study the results.


If I have a normal plot, convert it into a wav file plot with the formats from above

With all the results, I will be able to work with this wav files in a fatigue test machine achieving more realistic results than with the standard waves.


All the information about this will be welcome.


Thank you for all.

I performed the following procedure to simulate the function of Matlab soundsc(Scale data and play as sound).

N := 16000;
 t := Vector(N, i-> evalf(2*i/(N-1)) end proc);

sound1 := sin~((2*evalf(Pi)*440)*t);

aud := Create(sound1, duration = 10.0);

PlayWave := proc (data, SampleFreq)
local SoundFile;
setattribute(data, SampleFreq, 16, 1);
SoundFile := "Bflat3.wav";
Write(SoundFile, data);
process[launch](cat("sndrec32.exe ", SoundFile))

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