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Does anyone in the community know example worksheets that analyze "billiards", viz. trajectory sets of free, specularly reflected particles constrained to bounce around in a particular 2d domain?

Are there any examples using the Bunimovich Stadium Billiard?


Bob Terry

Is it possible to describe billiards in the unit square (see for info) in terms of events and if? For example, let the dynamical system
{x''(t)=0,y''(t)=0, x(0)=0.5, x'(0)=0.2, y(0)=0.5, y'(0)= sqrt(3)/5}
be given, where the trajectory [x(t), y(t)] satisfies the usual laws of reflection when reaching the boundary {x=0}, {x=1}, {y=0}, {y=1}. The same question about billiards in the unit disk.

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