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I uploaded this file to the Maple Cloud. One a 3d animation and one just a 3d plot. When I open the file in the Maple Cloud from my browser,  I cannot rotate either plot with the mouse. Is there a way to change the worksheets so rotation from the browser will be possible?

I uploaded a test document to my private space in Maple Cloud and I now want to delete it. How does one do that?  Also I just put it in the public space and want to delete it from there.

Hi All,

When doing retart in a saved workbook get a no read access error link (see partial screen shot below). When the link is followed the message is there is no help for this error.

I am using Windows 10 64 bit and have full administrative prilvilages so I not sure what the problem is.

I have the same issue when I upload to the cloud.

In spite of message I can still do computations.

Any help in understanding this will be greatly appreciated.





I have setup two groups in MapleCloud, to be used for distribution of materials (a readonly group) and as a drop for students to deposit their exercise sheets (an opaque group). It is my understanding that e.g. students have to request joining a group and I get to approve them.

How does one join a group managed by someone else? If I try from another account I cannot see the groups I just created, so I cannot request joining them. I seem also to not be able to just approve someone (by their email e.g.) without that person having requested to join first.




The explosion of cloud this - cloud that, is rather obvious now.


SO, I decided to check-out the cloud feature to my Maple? One problem, I cannot see - what is in it?

  • Yes, I understand, you use the cloud palette in Maple.
  • It shows the group, who the document / notebook is from, what it's title is? And such.
  • _
  • BUT, is there a web page - listing? hidden somewhere, on MaplePrimes or someplace on Maplesoft's service? (

The MRB constant can be computed in Maple by evalf(sum((-1)^n*(n^(1/n)-1),n=1..infinity)).

On my laptop restart; st := time(); evalf(sum((-1)^n*(n^(1/n)-1), n = 1 .. infinity), 500); time()-st gives a timming of 37.908 seconds.

Using the procedure posted at the bottom of this message st := time(); A037077(500); time()-st gives a much faster timing of 1.903 seconds.

My fastest timing for 500 digits of MRB comes from my...

I am surfing around looking for cloud database providers (a lot of them are free
such as Then it struck me that maple has a cloud. Unfortunatly I
dont think it can handle what I want it to do:

Wouldnt it be cool if every maple user could have a personal or public data warehouse
in the maple cloud instead of everyone having sql servers running localy with attached
cron jobs and head aches.


I have a simple request that I hope someone can provide, I do not think it would be too much trouble.

I use Maple 12, hence no Maple cloud, but while viewing one of the maple 14 demonstration videos there was a Maplesoft document in the cloud called -  Example: Mortgage calculator by maplesoft, I would like to have a look at it.  Upon using google and the maplesoft application center, I was unable to find such a document. I am guessing it only exists in the maple cloud. 



I've got a pretty intensive run going on in Maple and I wanted to speed it up. It involves computing every power up to some large number (100,000+) of small matrices (2x2) but with very complicated abstract polynomials inside. There's really no way to speed this up as far as coding is concerned so my only option is to use multithreading, since I need mutiple runs, or run this on some faster server/cloud.


1) Multithreading will...

I've been making some use of the Maple Cloud for a while now, and thought that I'd share some comments.

So far, it's been quite useful to me, and I like it. This surprised me a bit. I expected not to find it useful, and to dismiss it with an old-timer's "Bah, humbug... as useless as Maple+twitter!" But, to the contrary, I've found a use for it; a need that isn't otherwise...

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