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As I understand it, Maple will detect and use the available cores in a system, if the calculation is suitable for multi-core use.

As I am installing Maple on a multi-user cluster, using a scheduler to run maple scripts, I want to ensure the maple jobs only use the number of cores allocated to the job.  

Is it possible to set the number of cores used ? 

If I have misunderstood how Maple works (I am new to it), or if there is a section in the documentation which explains this, please point me in the right direction.  I haven't found this info so far.

Hi all,

I tried to used some statistical methods to analyze the data in maple and encountered some problems.

I wanted to perform a cluster analysis to quantify differences among individual samples and hoped to create the dendrogram like this:


For example, each sample is assigned to a cluster and there are about 4 main clusters plus additional outliers in this case through the dendrogram method.

But I didn't find any related command to create this kind of graph. How to realize this analysis in Maple? 

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

I can't seem to find anything on cluster anlaysis (kmean etc...) in Maple's help.  I thought graph theory might contain something close but not really.  I haven't tried but I suppose it shouldn't be too hard to create a few procedures for such things?  Can someone provide a few examples?

Of the 3 M's Maple seems to have left this one out?

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