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Hey, I'm sitting with an extremely annoying problem. Basically, I want a "Mathematical Expression" component to include a definition of a variable, so I want it to say, for example, "h := 3", now, I can easily type this into the component field myself, and it all works great, but I want to manipulate the field with a button component. Every time I attempt it, it seems as if the ":=" symbol is protected, however I can write it myself without trouble.

From the help page it says

To create a custom start page with a similar layout as the default start page, create a table in the worksheet, add a shortcut component to each table cell and modify each shortcut component appropriately.

I'm unable to find how to insert a shortcut component.  Can someone help?

I am working on modelling a helicopter blade. Maplesim's Flexible Beam model cannot handle composite material cross section and pre-twist angle. I need to build a custom component based on Hodges's beam model. When I use the Custom Component template, add port and choose port type, there is no "frame" type, which is needed to connect other multibody components. Is it possible to create custom multibody component? If so, how can I make it? Thanks! 

Maple is a scientific software based on Computational Algebraic System (SAC) which has enabled this work entirely solve applied to Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Mecatrónica.The present problems in education, research and engineering are developed with static work sheets ie coding used innecesaria.Maple proposed models are shown below with an innovative structure; with the method of graphics algorithms and embedded components; putting aside the traditional and obsolete syntax; using dynamic worksheets as viable and optimal solutions to interpret and explain problems Ingineering.Design Advanced Analysis Tools (Applied Mathematics) Sophisticated Applications (efficient algorithms) and Multiple deployment options (different styles); this allowed generate math apps (applications engineering); can be interactive on the internet without the need to have the software installed on our computer; This way our projects can be used with a vision of sustainability around the world. Resulting in the generation of data and curves; which in turn will help you make better decisions analytical and predictive modeling in manufacturing and 3D objects; which would lead to new patterns of contrasting solutions.


Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple - Perú


How to compute the  n component of U[i] even to reach the exact solution?



k := proc (t) options operator, arrow; t end proc:

U[0] := f(x):

for i to N do U1[i-1] := subs(x = t, U[i-1]); U[i] := (1/2)*x^2*(int(t*U1[i-1], t = a .. b)) end do:

Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable"





Exact := proc (x) options operator, arrow; cos(x) end proc





















How to find the  n component of U[i] even to reach the Exact solution cos(x)

ABSTRACT. In this paper we demonstrate how the simulation of dynamic systems engineering has been implemented with graphics software algorithms using maple and MapleSim. Today, many of our researchers the computational modeling performed by inserting a piece of code from static work; with these packages we have implemented through the automation components of kinematics and dynamics of solids simple to complex.

It is very important to note that once developed equations study; recently we can move to the simulation; to thereby start the physical construction of the system. We will use mathematical and computational methods using the embedded buttons which lie in the dynamics leaves and viewing platform cloud of Maplesoft and power MapleNet for online evaluation of specialists in the area. Finally they will see some work done; which integrate various mechanical and computational concepts implemented for companies in real time and pattern of credibility.



(in spanish)


Lenin Araujo Castillo



Do you have physical components like MOSFETs and IGBTs in your library? How can I have a look at the tool and library block sets?

As a very good application for viewing and calculation of the components of acceleration either tangential or normal. Besides immediately it is shown an Application for physics.


(in spanish)

L. Araujo C.



Here we see the projection of a vector onto another using different concepts ranging from linear algebra to vector calculus. Implemented components thus seen in three-dimensional space.

(in spanish)

L.Araujo C.

I wish to display the following screen output from a procedure A(), in a textbox of mathcontainer or any other suitable component.


This output to screen listing is generated by print statements in the procedure A().

I have placed the procedure call A() in a textbox and then am using a button component to execute it with the objective of displaying the above output in another component display box; either a textbox or a MathContainer box...  I can see that A() executes, but do not know how to get the result to display in a component box.

Can anyone offer any help?

In this work the theme of vector analysis shown from a computational point of view; this being a very important role in the engineering component; in civil and mechanical special it is why, using the scientific software Maple develops interactive solutions for long processes through MapleCloud calculations. At present the majority of professors / researchers perform static classes open source leaves; so that our students learn and memorize commands, thus generating more time learning in the area. Loading Bookseller VectorCalculus develop topics: vector algebra, differential operators, conservative fields, etc. Maplesoft making processes provide immediate calculations long operation Embedded Components displayed in line with MapleNet integrations. Today our future engineers to design solutions and will be launched in the cloud thus being a process with global qualification in the specialty. Significantly Maple is a scientific software which allows the researcher to design their own innovations and not use themes for their manufacturers.







Can the font in the Maple Component Text Area be changed? It's not obvious how to do it from "Component Properties" or anywhere else. 

Thanks, Greg.

We find recent applications of the components applied to the linear momentum, circular equations applied to engineering. Just simply replace the vector or scalar fields to thereby reasoning and use the right button.

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Developed and then implemented with open code components. It is very important to note this post is held for students of civil engineering and mechanics. Using advanced mathematical concepts to concepts in engineering.

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Here we have a very brief introduction to the use of embedded components, but effective for the study of the polynomials in operations and some products made with maple 2015 to strengthen and raise the mathematics today.

(in spanish)



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