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Dear All,

I am plotting the following function using implicitplot command.:

plots[implicitplot3d]((17.31626331*M^3-(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2)*(1.082266457-2*M)*(1.082266457-3*M))^2 = 4.598621420*(z[1]+z[2])^2*M*(1.082266457-2*M)^3*(4*(z[1]-z[2])^2*M^2-1.171300684*(z[1]+z[2])^2), M = 0 .. 1, z[1] = 0 .. 10, z[2] = -10 .. 0);

How can I extract data points from the plot obtained

What is the best way for Maple to create datasets with attributes?

There must be a better way than just listlists  ie [[Honda, green, 2008],[Honda, red,civic,2004],[Hoda, blue, CRV, 2WD]] etc....

It would be similar to the table of elements using get properties. 

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