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While coding I used _ instead of subscript which I now want to change to create a presentable document.

Does anyone know how I can change all underscores to subscripts at once without going through every single element?


Vince :)

I have a document containing notes from my past semester, which will not open properly. When i try to open up the document maple asks if i want to retrieve the content as plain text, 2D-math or maple input. The document is written in document mode and contains both text and 2D math. When I try to open it in plain text, maple gives me nothing, and with the two other options, maple is just loading forever. Can anybody help me retrieve the content og fix the document?

I am teaching math i high school and we are using Maple. 

A lot of times the students forget to save their work. This is a problem if it is during a test, and the computer runs into problems.

The problem is that their document is called Untitled and i have a problem finding the file. 

The file that Maple usually creates is MAS.BAK file, but when they forget to save, I can't seem to find anything. 

The problem occurs in both MAC computers as well as PC.

Can anyone help.


I am using Maple 2015 and when assigning a name to a function or expression and hit enter, it appears like in the following picture.

However, I want to make it appear like in the following picture:

How can I make that ?

Thank you !

I Have a problem with opening a document

When i open the document it shows a blanc document and this message 

no matter wich i choose, maple just shows a plain document.


Is there any solution to this problem?



I am having hard time understading how a style sheet works with Maple. I am trying to use the "document mode" and would like to change the font used for math.

The first question I have is: How does one determine which style sheet is being used for the current open document?

Second: I have followed instructions on how to make a custom style sheet, as shown here: and saved the style sheet on some location on my PC.

But it seems to have no effect at all. Since when I load it again using Format->Manage style sheet->User defined style set, then using the Browse... and select the file which I created using above instructions, I notice that fonts remain the same. I also close Maple and start again, and select again, but when I start typing in document mode, the font is still italic, even though in the XML I see it says  talic="false" (when I open the file in text editor):

<Font name="2D Math" background="[255,255,255]" bold="false" executable="true" family="Times New Roman" foreground="[0,0,0]" italic="false" opaque="false" readonly="false" size="12" subscript="false" superscript="false" underline="false" placeholder="false"/>

I even tried editing the style sheet I think Maple is using, by hand (it is an XML, and modified the font to be not italic) and reloaded it, and no effect. I even added invalid entries in there, and invalid font names, just to see the effect, and nothing happens, no error or anything. It is as if Maple does not even read the style sheet I just saved.

All what I want to do it to make the math 2D input, be _not_ italic font. I spend one hr on this, and nothing seems to make any difference, Maple insist on using italic for math input when in document mode.

Why is it that the style sheet says talic="false" for 2D math, but when I start to type, it types as italic?


As you can see, when I type, it switch to italic, even though the style sheet I just set, it clearly saying italic=false. There is not one single italic=true in the whole XML file. Why is Maple insisting on using italic?


I am using Maple 2016 on windows. 

I created a new Document with a single command:


Then I right-clicked on the command and chose Explore from the context menu and then clicked on the Explore button in the dialog box. A rectangle with a slider appeared. So far so good.  However, I cannot delete the rectangle from my Document. I tried to select the rectangle and press Delete, Ctrl+Delete, and to right-click on it and choose Cut from the menu. Nothing works.

If I select both the rectangle and the command A=1 all the three actions described above also fail to delete anything.

Help will be appreciated.

How do I turn off Worksheet mode in a Maple Document.  I copied a calculation from a Worksheet into my Document, now I have to do calculation in 1-D math. 

Any advice would be helpful. 

I watched a webinar training:   Maple Training for Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists.


The file demonstrated topics and used collapsible regions with a colored band across the document and a + / - sign on the left to open/close the section or region.  Different than the document gray down arrow.


I have searched all the documentation and can not find how to do this.   I have done this in other programs like MathCAD to close and lock a region from viewing or editing of specific formulas.


Any help always appreciated.




In using Maple there are many ways to complete a command on a function. Using shortcuts in the worksheet/document you can enter the command on the line rather than using the drop down menus or clickable math menu.  I would like to see what the shortcut command are for the packages in Maple.  There are so many, I am using the LinearAlgebra package and have seen Dr. Lopez use " ||A||2 to determine the Euclidean Norm of A.  But where does this use get described in the help or examples of other shortcut usage for Maple. I've seen the shortcut commands for Documents in General, but the use of shortcut commands for other packages  don't seem to discuss the usage of such shortcuts.

Is there a document that documents these shortcuts.


I'm an educator (physicist) who has migrated to Maple because of the lower "activation barrier" to get something of interest produced by the student. The students in my courses are exposed to several language (Python, C++, Java) and mathematical systems (Mathematica, Maple, MATLAB.) Many claim that unless forced to used a particular language or system, their first choice is Python and Maple for the reason I cite. 

As a consequence, it is my experience that students truly perfer the math-like appearance of the 2-D Math notation as opposed to the Maple notation. They see it as more natural - again with a lower activation barrier. Hence I see no reason to change. However, I would be interested in reasons why it might be beneficial.

My ultimate question is: do I start them with worksheet mode or documents mode? I'm use to worksheet mode and have found the call and response method easy for them to understand. But document mode has many valuable benefits. Is it worth the increase in learning (and frustration) for the benefits if the students use the software only a few times per semester? Or for some, every week?

I would be interested in hearing about the experiences of other educators.


I have a Document that I have been putting together.  When I insert a Subsection into a section below the title I get a 1D-math input command symbol.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  I have not had this problem before. 

It appears there is something confused in the startup of the document because when I start a new document and this doesn't happen.

It's almost like when I insert the subsection it converts that part to a worksheet?????

As an exercise, I'm trying to replicate the table shown at the end of section 10.3 (Creating Embedded Components) of the Maple User Manual, the table on page 308 of the PDF, reproduced here:

I create a 6 x 3 table, and merge cells of columns 1 and 2 in each of rows 1, 2, 5 and 6, and proceed to enter the text and components from the Embedded Components example 2 to look as above. In column 3, I merge the cells in rows 2, 3, 4, 5 in order to place the plot component as shown. The new cell seems to be considered as in the same row as its top merged cell, in this case, row 2.

I can't control vertical positioning in the plot cell in column 3. If I select the vertical alignment for the plot cell (which sets the same vertical alignment for all of row 2), to Centre or Bottom or Baseline, the alignment is to the centre or bottom or baseline of row 2, not of the plot cell. So when I paste the plot into the cell it extends up from the Centre or Bottom or Baseline of row 2, to well above the table's top border.

If instead I set the vertical alignment to Top, then the pasted plot fits into the cell since the top of the plot now aligns with the top of row 2. But that can be an annoying restriction. Also, I am no longer allowed to set the vertical alignment in rows 3, 4 or 5 because of the merged cell in column 3.

Maple document tables need to have two improvements:

  1. The ability to adjust vertical centring in a single cell (merged or not), instead of just across a row.
  2. The ability to resize row height. Currently it looks like document tables only allow resizing column width.

I guess my question is mainly, is there a better way to go about setting up a document table in order to control fairly precisely how it appears? And to get around some of these formatting restrictions?


Hello everyone,

I'm new at maple.Sorry if this question asked before me, but i couldnt find it.

As i said i am new

so when I open new document (mode) at maple2015 i can do basic calculations for instance additon substraction multipicitaions. But when i want the  calculate x^2+5-3 and enter it supposed to be say to me blue line as a answer. But maple says nothing.

is there any point that i missing? 

Thank you very much all you in advance.

I tried to load my document containing some notes, but then I got the message "There were problems during the loading process, Your worksheet may become incomplete", and as the message said my worksheet were incomplete. Is there a way to restore the document? I have tried following this and added the line it suggested:

But it didn't work.

I have attached the file.

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