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I am looking for a thread that had the animation of a house with transverse earthquake waves.

Can someone point me to that thread?




I would like to kow how I can remove the u2,1 and u3,1 from this matrix. I originally had it as a set of just  u2,1 and u3,1, but I converted it to a list, added the 1, because I needed it as the first value, and then converted it to a matrix. I now want to use the matrix for further calculations, but I dont know how to assign a name to it, and exlude the variable names within it.

I have attached the entire maple sheet, if you need some context. Also, if you see anything else that you think could be neater (I think I did a lot of things in a round-about way, because I haven't really used maple before), please let me know!

Thanks in advance!




I created a procedure over a year ago to collect earthquake data from the usgs and save it into a file. The procedure pulls data off the internet and saves it in a text file with a date stamp (minus the year - because I haven't been bothered to change it ) in the folder location f:/7 day earthquakes.  Feel free to modify it as you wish.  Here it is, pretty much still in it's original format when I created it.

earthquakedatasave := proc ()
  local a, b, c, d, e, i:

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