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logically evalf(x^(1/10)); should return x^(0.1000...0), not x^(1/10). Or it's just case of other rule?

I would like to know how does Maple evaluate a geometric functions with evalf.




What method is used? I think about Taylor approximation, is it good idea? If not, I need to compare it with Taylor approximation.



I'm doing a math assignment for numerical methods and I had to answer a question - solving Newton's method in maple to submit. I need to solve the question to an accuracy of 10^-5. I don't have access to the software right now as I only have it on the computers at our school, but I did take a maple course in my first year of university and have some experience with it. I wrote up this formula, but I'm not 100% sure if its correct. Could someone...

I have defined a function 'A' and written a procedure to evaluate it for various variables, as follows:

A := r*sin(m);

Aval := proc (r, m)


end proc;

Aval(1, Pi);

The function defined by its variables is returned:  r*sin(m).

How can I get maple to return the numerical value of the function?

I have a problem with the numerical integration in Maple. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated!


K[1] := 1.0;
K[2] := 1;
K[3] := 0.16;

local k,q,h;
end proc:


I asked Maple to evaluate (using "evalf") an infinite sum and it says (very quickly) that the answer is identically 0 (not 10^(-7)).

When I numerically  evaluate a large number of terms of the sum, the answer gets smaller as the number of terms increases, so it seems that Maple is probably correct. The fact that the answer is immediate suggest that Maple is doing some analysis rather than adding a large number of numerical values.

I'd like to...

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