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Hi guys! Maple noob here.

I want to get an array of the sums of each and every row of a matrix which I imported from Excel. I can't manage to work my way around with LinearAlgebra-Add, Sum and eval. Maple always shows me the table and not the scalar I am looking for.

I'd also like to know how to tell Maple how to do something on a certain interval of cells of the matrix.

I hope I have been clear and you can help me out :D

Cheers from Italy!

My attempt to export array data using the Browse>Export option when looking at the data fails to work as needed.

The exported data always start in cell A1 of the Excel worksheet even a different starting cell is entered into the Matrix Browser export window.

In summary, my experience is that the Matrix Browser matrix export in Maple 16 and Maple 17 ignores the information about the intended starting destination cell in the Excel file.

Does anyone find that the Matrix Browser exports to a starting Microsoft Excel cell other than A1? 

This exporting with Matrix Browser worked find in Maple 15.  It has been broken in Maple 16 and 17, including Maple 17.02.



I was successful in getting the Maple add-in to load into Excel 2013 but the help file accessed in the Add-In Ribbon is not found.  Does anyone know where in Excel that file can be loaded?

Hello, everyone!

Last week I’ve encountered problems with integration of Maple 17 in Microsoft Office Excel 2013. The Maplesoft note on the point ( offers some ways of fixing it up, though I’ve run all of them the problem is the same:

While the connection is established, after entering the formula “=Maple(“x+x”)”, the Excel returns “Critical Error in Formula”

Before contacting the Maplesoft Technical Support, I want to ask here whether someone had the same case and managed to solve it.

Many thanks in advance.


it is more or less my first time using maple for my research. During my mesurements I collect data and store those in an excel sheet. The I made calculations row by row.

I figured out how to import the excel sheet and calculate row by row. Maple calculates the correct results, but how can I easily store the results again, for example row by row in an excel sheet or csv?

This is my code:

> restart;#Range of the Matrix A1:KXXXXprint(??);

The "ExcelTools" seems can work based on Excel 2003 format,which can only support 2^16 rows.Excel 2010 format cantains much more rows and columns. So I want to know when maple can support Excel 2010?

How to open a Maple worksheet from VBA Excel?The Shell command, just open the application of maple, but not open the specified worksheet.Gracias


I have an excel file with 10 columns by 10008 rows, the first one represent the time and the others represents some measuremts. And I would like to plot the columns which represent the measurements versus the first column which represent the time in Maple.


Do you have any idea how I can do this?


Thank you

Hey guys,


I do have a problem with Excel Import.

What I wanna do is import 2 collumns from a Excel-File.

The first Column are the X-coordinates and in the second column are the y-coordinates.

After the import of the two columns (each with around 1000 rows) I would like to run a formula for each of this x/y pairs. Means for example a formula i1:=2*x+y or something like this.

And I would like to get the results also in a...

Hello everyone,

I have data in Excel sheet. I want to make the data smooth using cubic spline. 

My try can be found in the attached maple sheet. In my try, i was unable to see the

difference bewteen the exact data and the interpolated data. Please have a look and

help to smooth the given data in the attached Excel sheet.

I am generating a number of plots in Maple but would like to be able to collect the data points from the Maple plots and export them into an excel spreadsheet or similar spreadhseet program so that they can be loaded into other plotting software programs such as OriginLab.  


Is there a way to export the data points from plots produced in Maple into an .xls or .dat format?

Hello All ,

I would liek to know if ther is a way to tabulate the results in a matrix form , like matlab does .Each time i copy paste it in excel and do the text to colum to sort out the results.It would save me a lot of time if anyone has an idea about this.

Like in the file i have results of various parameters displayed but how do i tabulate it.

Here is my code:

n:=0.8:    e:=1:   h2:=0.01:
for N from 20 by 10 to 100 do
for b from 0.01 by 0.05 to 0.26 do
for h from 0.02 by 0.02 to 0.2 do
for h1 from 0.015 by 0.015 to 0.105 do
  A1:=proc(N::posint,b1,e1,h0,h11,h21) local M;
      M:=Matrix(N,(i,j)->if i=j then e elif abs(i-j)=1 then h else 0 fi);

Here is my code, I know I am just missing something in the Export (last line) command to make it write the next iteration to a new cell, but nothing I am trying has worked. 


for N from 25 by 5 to 50 do
for b from 0.01 by 0.01 to 0.25 do
for h from 0.02 by 0.02 to 0.2 do
for h1 from 0.015 by 0.005 to 0.1 do
  A1:=proc(N::posint,b1,e1,h0,h11,h21) local M;

Dear Maple users

I am working on importing data from an Excel-file "Data.xlsx" into Maple. This is done using the following commands:

> restart;
> with(ExcelTools);
> X := Import("Data.xlsx", 1, "A3:A63");

One strange behavior is the fact that I receive an error message: Error, (in ExcelTools:-Import) Could not open the file.

When I close the Maple file and open it again and reexecute, the error disappers and everything works....

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