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I want to call Maple from Excel, this works so far. Problems in the attached Excel sheet:

- The result of a Maple command (components of a vector) will not be placed into separate cells. How can this be done ?
- To auto-update the solution when changing the input matrix, for each component of the solution vector the complete matrix needs to be recalculated. Surely, there is a better way to do this. 



I am trying to import some data into Maple from an Excel sheet that contains three columns.

Column 1 is simply an index number for the measurement running from 1 to 3185.

Column 2 is the time of the measurement ( e.g 10:23:44 ) with Excel formatting as "time".

Column 3 is the measured CO2 concentration logged at the psecific time.

My problem is that when I import the data into Maple using the ExcelTools,Import or simply the Import...


I have spent all morning trying to create a surface plot from a set of survey data that I have. The data I have is in the format xi, yi, zi. It is in Excel in columns. I read some previous questions on this topic, but my plot just comes out all jumbled.  Here is what I coded.

As soon as I figure out how to post images, i will post the plot...

I just started using Maple few weeks ago, so i am very new to Maple. I tried to write a program to:

1. read data from excel

2. process the data obtained from different excel sheets to find different possible combinations and calculate costs

3. then to find the minimum cost option

program i wrote is

> with(ExcelTools);
> SHEET1 := Import("analysis.xls", "su1", "A4");
`output redirected...`> print(); # input placeholder

@epostma Thank you , that really worked. My next question is, if the raw data is in a text file, other than data pasted into excel, how can i import the the two columns of data and do the similar calculation?

The text file is attached.

[0, 0, 0]
Voltage_1 (1) Current_1 (1)
+2.084844E-03 -1.539501E-11
+1.008272E+00 +7.418045E-11

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