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I am trying to find all the complex roots of T:


> w := 60*(2*3.14159);
> R12 := .5;
> L12 := 3/w;
> Z12 := R12+s*L12+I*w*L12;
> kp := 0.5e-3;
> kv := 0.5e-3;
> Q1 := 384;
> Q2 := 375;
> apw1 := s+kp*(-Q1+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> apw2 := s+kp*(-Q2+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> aqv1 := 1+kv*(Q1+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);
> aqv2 := 1+kv*(Q2+w*L12/abs(Z12)^2);

> T := apw1*apw2*aqv1*aqv2;

I am just starting to learn about maple.
I have a graph of two functions and would like to find the range that they agree within
 a certain percentage using fsolve() and format the interval as a list. 
The part that is throwing me off is the within a certain value part.  Thanks in advance!

Dear Maple users,

I am trying to solve a non linear equation for complex and real roots and I am using following command:

answer:=fsolve(func,x,{x=-100-100*I..100+100*I},complex); % here 'func' is a nonlinear function

to search for all possible roots in the given range. But fsolve does not return all possible roots. Mostly it returns one. But I am sure the function has more roots in the specified range

But, if my "func" is simple polynomial (e.g. func= x^5-3x^2+3x-1...

Hi everyone,

I am facing a very complicated system of nonlinear equation. This cannot be solve by using normal fsolve in Maple. Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot

fsolve command return equation solutions in { }, for example {x1=5,x2=6} which the x1 and x2 are not numeric variables and can not be to use in the later. How we can use x1 and x2 similar numeric variables, for example after fsolve command we use "printf("%.10f",x1)" or y=sin(x1*x2) commands.

Although i have defined K5 as a constant before solving the equations , maple returns an error message saying that

"Error, (in fsolve) k5 is in the equation, and is not solved for"

And i am alos trying t find the roots of the equations in a certain range as specified above.

Dear all, I try to use threads in Maple 13 with Thread:-Create() and Thread:-Wait(). The worksheet works if I use no or just a single thread. One of the subroutines contains an fsolve command to find the zeros of some Function which involves special functions (LambertW). When I create two threads I get error messages such as `fsolve/StorePoint`, "invalid point dimension" and `fsolve/StorePoint`, "numeric exception: division by zero". Is the fsolve function not thread save? I tested, using stopwhen(...

I have an equation which has no explicit solutions, but I would like to plot the solutions. I have construction a function which, for every argument, produces a numerical answer to the equation, but this function can't be plotted. Below is a simplified (equation has trivial explicit solution) function which shows the difficulty.

> Fe := p->fsolve(eval(1-x+p = x), x)
p -> fsolve(eval(1 - x + p = x), x)

Here we exercise the function to produce floating results.

v1 := evalf(30*Pi/(180.));
v2 := evalf(120*Pi*(1/180));
r1 := 600;
r2 := 1800;

Hello, I am using maple 7 and I want to find all the solutions to a set of 4 equations with 4 variables.  These equations are all trigonometric.  fsolve of course only gives a single solution and using the avoid unction doesn't work.


I have tried to write something like this:





and this always gives the same solution.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

Hey folks I have a question about how to use solutions from fsolve in future calculations without copying and pasting.


Here is the code...


Order := 13:
f := x -> -x + x^2 - x^3 + add(a[i]*x^i,i=4..11):
A := n -> coeff(series(f(f(x)), x), x^n):
fsolve({seq(A(k) = 0, k=5..12)}, {seq(a[j], j=4..11)});


Now this gives values of a[k] from a[4] to a[11] but then if I were to type a[5] in the...



I have the eq. as shown below:

2*x^3+(2*K1*nbo4+3*K2*nbo4*PH2O)*x^2+3*K1*x*nbo4^2*K2*PH2O-3*K1*nbo4^2*Ti*K2*PH2O = 0

where x is the only variable, however I would like to solve this eq with respect to x for a list of 5 different values for the constant K1 (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and then get an output with the 5 numerical solutions to the eq.

I have tried to make the following matrix:

K1 := [1,2,3,4,5]


Dear Colleagues
As you can see from the worksheet with the command solve achieving results. I would like to enter initial values for b, a and R0. When trying to use fsolve for this purpose
I get the following result:
Error, (in fsolve/setrange) R0 = 10 is an invalid range

How to achieve convergence using fsolve?
any help?

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