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g1 := x^2-w*y;
g2 := x*y-w*z;
g3 := y^2-x*z;
S13 := -y^3*w+x^3*z;
eq1:= S13 = h131*g1 + h132*g2 + h133*g3;

hsol := solve(identity(eq1, x), [h131, h132, h133]);
h131 should be x*z
h312 should be 0
h133 should be -y*w

3*rho1 - 2*rho2 + rho3 - rho4 = -1

4*rho1 +   rho2 - rho3        = 5

original without cost function:

K := {y1-(x1^3)*(x2^4),y2-(x2^(1+2))*(w^2),y3-(x1^(1+1))*(w^1),y4-(x2^1)*w,(y1^1000)*(y2^1)*(y3^1)*(y4^100)- x1*x2*w + 1};
G := Basis(K, plex(x1, x2, w, y1, y2, y3, y4));
Reduce((x2^(5+1))*(w^1), G, plex(x1, x2, w, y1, y2, y3, y4));

after have cost function 1000*rho1 + rho2...

Hello. I am trying to do a project. Howerver the following code is causing Windows 7(x64) to error.

First, I get a message from mserver.exe saying: mserver has stopped working.

I click "Close the program" and I get "Kernel connection has been lost."

This is happening when I calculate the Groebner Basis by the following code. It is all right when I calculate the Groebner Basis when the problem to be solved is simpler. The memory of my computer is...


I'm trying to solve system of linear and nonlinear equations with inequalities and it looks like this:


    SX := solve(
                       seq(diff(EX,WX[k+1])=0, k = 0..m), # these are linear

I have a rather large multivatiate polynomial "Dtest"  I need to divie it by a cubic poly "DGm" using rem and quo. Both are determinants multiplied out,  both given below. Have spent the past 2 nights trying to sort, collect, expand, equate coefficients plex groebner etc. Am trying to collect up all the powers of c3 but cant anything to work. even expand doesn't fully expand "Dtest". If I set c1 and c2 to 1 things are...

I'm trying to write a program that solves sudoku's using a Groebner basis. I introduced 81 variables x1 to x81, this is a linearisation of the sudoku board.

The space of valid sudokus is defined by:

for i=1,…,81 : Fi=(xi−1)(xi−2)⋯(xi−9) This represents the fact that all squares have integer values between 1 and 9.

for all xi and xj which...

I want to get the zeroth order and first order perturbation equations of the following nonlinear coupled ODE.

restart; N := 1

alias(eta = e, theta = t)

eq[1] := 5*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 3)))+(1+3/m)*F(e)*(diff(F(e), `$`(e, 2)))-(2+1/m)*(diff(F(e), e))^2-(4+2/m)*H(e)-(1-2/m)*e*(diff(H(e), e)) = 0

eq[2] := diff(H(e), e) = t(e)

eq[3] := 5*(diff(t(e), `$`(e, 2)))/Pr+(1+3/m)*F(e)*(diff(t(e), e))-5*(diff(F(e), e))*t(e)

eqs := eq[1], eq[2], eq[3]

Hello! I have an ideal in 12 variables. I wish to eliminate the last four. I did:

ord := lexdeg([x[9],x[10],x[11],x[12]], [x[1],...,x[8]]);

gb_myI := Basis(myI, ord);


However, the resulting Grobner basis had all 12 variables. Did I misapply the lexdeg? Or perhaps I don't quite understand the eliminnation order?

Any help or comments would be appreciated!




Hello, I´m trying to solve a system of 15 non linear equations and 8 unknown variables {r0,u0,w0,v0,q0,n0,t0,m0}, all of my equations ase symbolic with variables 10 {x,y,r,u,w,v,q,n,t,m}.

The Solve command does not work, I've been reading the other posts regarding this issue, but I don't believe they work for my case.

I would really appreciate if someone has an idea to help me solve this issue.

Im posting the worksheet with the system of 15 equations

Hello everyone,

Groebner[NormalForm] fails to produce quotients for the members of Ideal when MonomialOrder is constructed with Ore_algebra.

e.g. Groebner[NormalForm](F[1], G, T, 'Q');
results in "Error, (in Groebner:-NormalForm) numeric exception: division by zero"
if F[1] in <G> and T is MonomialOrder

But it works if we dont ask for quotients or use ShortMonomialOrder

Any ideas if it is intended behaviour or a bug?

Steps to reproduce:

Maple 11 has been out for a while now so hopefully people have it. I thought I would write a short post detailing some of what was done in the area of Groebner bases. If you run the examples in Maple 10 and Maple 11, I would appreciate it if you could post the times and the specifications of your computer.

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