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I need help to create a program that will find all the positive integers n, where n < 1000, such that
(n 􏰀-1)!= 􏰁 􏰀-1 (mod n^2 ) . program has to be in full and state the values of n obtained. 

How could i show wilsons theorom on maple?

(p-1)!=-1(modp) if and only if p is prime.

Hi I have the question where i have to create a program in Maple

to find all the solutions to x^2 = -1(mod p) where 0 <= x < p . 

The progam has to be tested with different p values. 


So i got this code, im trying to iterate with jacobi and gaussseidel method.

H := HilbertMatrix(n, n, 1); b := Matrix(n, 1, proc (i) options operator, arrow; add(1/(i+j-1), j = 1 .. n) end proc); A := Matrix(n, 1, 1); Multiply(H, A); norm1H := norm(H, 1); norm2H := norm(H, 2); normHinf := norm(H, infinity); norm1b := norm(b, 1); norm2b := norm(b, 2); norminfb := norm(b, infinity); IterativeApproximate(H, initialapprox = Vector(n, 0), tolerance = 10^(-7), maxiterations = 10, method = gaussseidel)


But sadly no iteration gave me an answer, anyone knows wheres my mistake? i really help with this! 

thanks in advance

Q1: Pascal’s Matrix of order n is given by:
Sij =(i + j)!/ i!*j!
Use Mable to produce Pascal’s Matrix of order 8.

Q2: Study the Matrix decomposition (i.e. QR, LU, and LLT), then use Maple to produce these decompositions for a random Matrix of order 6.

Q3: Write one paragraph of your own to explain Moore-Penrose Inverse of a Matrix. Use Maple to find Moore-Penrose Inverse for a random Matrix of order 8.

Q4: Use Maple to find Jordan Canonical form for a random Matrix of order 10.

Q5: Use the seq command to generate the triple [i,j,k] for all possible values for 1 ≤ i,j,k ≤ 10, then plot this triple. i.e. Use nested seq .

Q6: Let F[n] be the set:
F[n] = {p / q: 1 ≤ q ≤ n,p ≤ p ≤ q}
Use Maple to find F[6].

here is my homework, i am new to maple and need some help!

Consider the logistic equation:

dP/dt = 3/100 * (P(M - P)),

with seasonally varying population constraint

M(t) = 20 + 1.54sin(pi t / 6)

use maple to plot the solution curve for P(0) = 25

If a particle that moves in only one dimension is subject to a force Fi between the time

steps ti and ti+1, the velocity vi and position xi of the particle is:


v[i] := v[i − 1] +(1/m)*F[i]*Δt

x[i] := x[i − 1] + 0.5 (v[i − 1] + v[i])                   


Use the mean of v between ti and ti+1 when updating xi, since the value may change

a lot from step to step. In the subsequent, we set the mass m = 1 and the time steps

are Δt = 1, since we could absorb m and Δt in the expression for the force Fi anyway.


Write a procedure that computes xi and vi for a particle subject to random forces Fi,

uniformly distributed on the interval [-0.5..0.5].


I`ve written a procedure that generates random forces (F[i]) in the given interval. How can I write a for – procedure that computes xi and vi ?

I have to generate a code for carrying out the matrix form of the revised simplex method. I have a code in place but am struggling to convert the constraints into canonical form and introduce the penalty function. If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful!

Best Regards

Hello dear Maple,

My name is Bulat, I'm student of Kazan National Research Technical University ( Russia). In our High Program we used your product ( Maple V, Release 4). Now I have two problems and I haven't no idea how I resolve their. I am forced to ask for your help. I upload PrintScreen of my two problems. Please help me to solve them. I' ll be grateful for your help. Sorry for my English :(.

Yours very truly, Bulat

I Could Not Write An If Then Or Ifelse Statement. Please Help Me.

f := unapply(x^2-2, x); a := 1; b := 2; n := 10; Digits := 10;
x -> x  - 2
c := evalf(eval((a*f(b)-b*f(a))/(f(b)-f(a))));
if  f(c)*f(a)<0 then ;
          "      k:=evalf(eval(|(f(c))/(b-c)|)) and "

                          /(1 + k) a f(b) - b f(a)\
             x[i] := evalf|-----------------------|
                          \  (1 + k) f(b) - f(a)  /
            "     elif f(x[i])*f(a)<0 then b:=x[i]"
                 "     else b:=c and a:=x[i] "
                  "     if f(c)*f(a)>0 then "
                 "      k:=|(f(c))/(b-c)|and "

                          /a f(b) - b f(a) (1 + k)\
             x[i] := evalf|-----------------------|
                          \  f(b) - f(a) (1 + k)  /
            "     elif f(x[i])*f(a)>0 then a:=x[i]"
              "     else a:=c and b:=x[i] end if"

Error, unterminated 'if' statement

       if fApplyFunction(c)sdotfApplyFunction(a)lt0 then , 

       Typesetting:-merror("unterminated 'if' statement")))

how to solve  Fourier Series on maple ??

how to find the first 6 non-zero terms of MacLaurin series of the function erf(x)

Find the first 6 non-zero terms of MacLaurin series of the function erf(x)

Consider the expression infinityn=1 (-1)n ebeta*n/n2


1. Find the symbolic value of this sum.

2. Find an approximation for the value when beta= -2.

3. Build a function to calculate an approximation for the value of the given expression for

any value for beta


Hi, I need help with this little university assignment.

See the thumbnail below.

I have been away from the class because of a staph infection and missed the notes about vectors and Euler's formula.


It would be helpful if someone could give a rundown about how to solve the problems or give a general solution.




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