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I need to calculate the area of the dark part of the tile: 

f(x):= cos(5 x+400);

plot([f(x)],x=0..1,y=0..1,filled=true,color=red,axes=boxed) ;



How do I do that?  

hi, could You help me to write script(program) with maple( maple 13) exercise....?

1) The velocity of a freely falling object near Earth's surface is described by the equation
dv/dt=-g     (1.1)
where v is the velocity, g=9.8m/s^2 . Write a program that employs the Euler method to compute to solution to (1.1); that is, calculate v as a function of t. For simpilicity, assume that the initial velocity is zero-that is, the object starts from rest-and...

The question is to use a program of modified newton raphson , incorporating the Romberg intergal procedure which i have already created, to create a new program which evaluates the integral f(alpha) = 1-10*int(tan(x)^alpha),from 0 to Pi/4.
The following needs to be incorporated in your program:

-Let ci be the approximation of alpha* on iterate i of your "modified newton raphson" method, then the program should run until:

I do not have any experience with maple and have a homework assignment due tomorrow. I have been staring at a screen blankly for an hour now trying to research how to do this but have had no luck. Here is my problem...

compute the projection of w onto v. call proj w onto v "p" and let q be vector perpendicular to p so that p+q=w. plot all four vectors together.


I have no idea where to even begin. I can do this by hand but it's the computer stuff...





cos(alpha)^2 + cos(beta)^2 +cos(theta)^2 =1


            voici un probleme que je suis incapable de regler!


Développer un algorithme récursif de fouille dichotomique et l'utiliser pour trouver, dans la liste suivante:   L = { 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 16},


Hi, this is my first time here so hello! So im working on some questions my teacher gave to me in my class, and im having quite difficulty getting started on them, if anyone could help, that be great, thanks!

2. The first application of Newton’s method is to solve the equation


I have the space curve with parametric equations x = t ,  y = 0.5t2 , and z = t2

I need to find the unit tangent vector, unit normal vector and the binormal vector  at t=1

I also need to find the curvature at t=1

How I can calculate that step by step that in maple and also plot the space curve and the curvature graph seperat in maple?

How I can find parametric equations for the line of intersection of the planes 3x - 5y + z = -7 and x + 8y - 4z = 13

in maple with a step by step approach?

and also plot a graph in maple showing the two planes and the line of intersection?

Have anyone toldl me how to find the family of curve at Maple 14

ax^2 + B*x*y+cy^2= D

with A=1, B=1, C =1 and D =2010

how do i use Maple to prove a+c is congruent to b+d mod n?

How do you find the midpoint of 2 points on Maple? For example, (0,2) and (1,3).

How do I graph a quadratic equation on Maple 13? For example, x^4+x^2=3x^2+8

I was wondering how to find the distance between 2 points on Maple 13. For example points (-1,3) and (4,-2).

i need tooo solve this asap help me



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