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When I type

cos(x), sin(x)

and start the Plot Builder (using the contextual menu) the first option it gives me is for a 2-D plot.  However, when I type

cos(x), x

and start the Plot Builder the first option is a 2-D polar plot and the "standard" 2-D plot is nowhere on the list.  Is this a known bug?  (I'm using Maple 15.01 on Windows 7.)



I made various types of plots with the Plot Builder in Maple 14 and then I continued in the Document editor. When I evaluate the document containing the new plot statements, the Plot Builder dialog pops up repeatedly, seemingly once for every plot I previously constructed in it. This continues even after closing and reopening the document. How can I fix the document so this no longer occurs?

Mac w OS X, 10.4.6, 3.06 GHz Intel Duo with 4GB RAM, Maple14 Student

I use the interactive plot builder (at least Maple14) and want to define a parameter to be an integer.

How do I carry this into execution?

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