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Can anyone explain what are the criteria for the selection of works to the Maple Application Center?
For example, my suggestion for placement in the Application Center is dedicated to the universal method of kinematic analysis of linkages.
This is a very powerful numerical method that allows calculate the linkages with any number of degrees of freedom. Description and application examples were sent to the Application Center Maple February 14, 2017, and since then I cannot understand or know why this method does not appear there.
At the same time I was asked to put an example of rolling without slipping on Mobius strip.
(And at this time the sample is already in Application Center.)
It seems to me that the Rolling can be attributed, rather, to toys and to fun and a little to the training in Maple. But the kinematic analysis of linkages is a very serious work, and has the potential to develop super CAD of linkages.
CAD of linkages with such capabilities as far as I know, does not exist yet.

Why is this so?

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