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Connecting to a linux x2go server with an x2go client (tried Mac and Linux) and try to start maple2016 in a terminal, I get this error:

$ /opt/maple2016/bin/xmaple 
Exception in thread "Request id 1" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: PERPIXEL_TRANSLUCENT translucency is not supported
    at java.awt.Window.setBackground(
    at java.awt.Frame.setBackground(
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiSplashScreen.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiGenericStartupStrategy.showSplash(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiGenericStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.worksheet.application.WmiWorksheetStartupStrategy.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.Maple.doStartup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.Application.startup(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol$StartApplicationHandler.processCommand(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.executeCommand(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ServerProtocol.processNextStep(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ExchangeProtocol.executeProtocol(Unknown Source)
    at com.maplesoft.application.ApplicationManager$ Source)

The same xmaple will start graphically if I connect with a normal remote X connection. However a normal remote X connection is unusable on a slow network connection.



I use maple 2016 on linux with X.  When minimized, the maple icon is very small.  Also, the help icon is very small.

Are larger icons available?

The maple icon is ./bin/Maple2016.png.  I can not find the help icon.  Any ideas?

When I was using Maple 2015, I can start Maple in Linux Mint Sarah, if Maple 2015 was installed in another Linux Distribution (that is, like Debian Jessie), as follows.   Suppose I have installed Maple 2015 in /home/programfiles/maple/maple2015, which is the location in Debian Jessie.  Start Linux Mint Sarah, then mount  the /home partition of Debian on the mountpoint /debian-home.  Now copy the file /debian-home/programfiles/maple/maple2015/bin/xmaple to be xmaple-a, and change the path in xmaple-a. Then copy the file  /debian-home/programfiles/maple/maple2015/bin/maple to be maple-a, and make some changes in maple-a. Then open a terminal, run the command  ./debian-home/programfiles/maple/maple2015/bin/xmaple-a. Thus I can start Maple2015 in Linux Mint Sarah, althought I have reinstalled Maple 2015 in Linux Mint.

But the problem occurs, when I upgrade to Maple 2016, together with Linux Mint from Sarah to Serena, because the method above does not work.  It gives information saying that the Host ID is wrong. But when I start Debian Jessie, I can start Maple 2016, and it works very well. So, what should I do to start Maple2016 in Linux Mint Serena, without installing Maple2016 in Mint, because I have installed in Debian?  

Hey there
I'm Trying to install maple on my Linux laptop, i have it install and starting fine but, i cant activate it. I get the massage " This Purchase code is only valid for Maple 2016 " But I know that it is the right Activation code, On a Side note I'm a student so the code is form the my school.

hope you can understand it.

When transfering a particular worksheet from my home Windows 7 computer to an office Linux computer I lose some of the end of the worksheet, namely I lose a rather memory intensive animation at the end. And the office compute crashes when I attempt to run the animation. This seems strange since apparently the office computer (see below) is more powerful than my home computer.  When this happens there are apparently few if any other users of the office computer. I  would be grateful for suggestions for remedies for this problem or any ideas of what the problem could be.

Home computer: Windows 7 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU@3.40GHz, 12 GB RAM 64-bit OS

Office computer: CentOS, Kernel Linux 2.6.32-573.12.1.l6.x86.64, Gnome 2.28.2, Memory 94.4GiB, 6 processors each an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2643 v2@3.5BHz, Available Disk Space 1061.0 BiB

I have a gensym routine (gensym = generate symbol) which appends Chinese characters to some base symbols to create 'new' symbols.  This works well on Windows, Mac and tty maple.  But I get all square boxes in the linux GUI.

I know the fonts exist as, on the same machine, it works in tty.  But I have no idea how to tell the GUI to go and use those fonts.  Nor why it isn't.

Amusingly, if I try to paste something from the GUI as MapleMath here on Primes, in the 'paste' box, it shows just fine, but then it says it is invalid Maple.

For example, from the GUI I see

but the same thing in TTY is

(x三0不 + x三1下)^(-M)

and I just did cut-and-paste of the same thing.  By this I mean that I took that output with boxes above, put it into a terminal window, re-copied that, pasted it in here, and voila!

So clearly the issue is with the GUI, and only on linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

I have Maple 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04.  I get an error message when attempting to plot with an x11 device, that means I have missing fonts.

I do not get this error message on Ubuntu14.04, so, I think the difference is in fonts installed.


> plot([sin(x),cos(x)],x=-Pi..Pi);
> Maple X driver failure:BadName (named color or font does not exist)Warning: Cannot convert string "-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--14-*" to type FontStruct
Warning: Cannot convert string "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--14-*" to type FontStruct

I have xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-75dpi installed.

Any idea what fonts I need to fix this?


Tom Dean

I upgraded my OS from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04.

When attempting to start maple, I get

Licensing error:-9,57

What does this mean?


a researcher at our department starts multiple Maple programs in parallel on our Linux servers.

Sometimes a high percentage of the resulting mserver processes hang. ps shows their state as

SNl (sleeping, multithreaded). strace to the processes shows that every one is waiting on a

futex without timeout. The problem occurs in versions 16 and 18. This is annoying.


Is there a fix for this?


Matthias Bauer

This is a question I have also submitted to the technical support, I am worried that it is a bit too technical for them, however:)

I am debugging a C program which links against the OpenMaple API library (under Linux and with Maple 17 and 18). I am using valgrind memcheck, because I am experiencing strange behavior which could be due to writes beyond allocated blocks of memory.  

The first thing which jumps to my eye, are many errors of the types

Use of uninitialised value of size (4/8/16)

Invalid read of size (4/8/16)

Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)

The same errors are also printed when I use the examples that ship with Maple. For instance, I compile "simple.c" with

gcc  -Wl,--no-as-needed -lmaple -lmaplec -lrt -L /usr/lib -L $MAPLEDIR/bin.X86_64_LINUX -I $MAPLEDIR/extern/include -o simple simple.c

and run valgrind as

valgrind --tool=memcheck --error-limit=no --log-file=memcheck.log ./simple


Some, but not all, of the errors occur in __intel_sse2_strcpy or __intel_sse2_strlen. Furthermore, according to valgrind there are definite memory leaks. which appear in the library. 

Practically this makes it hard for me to identify my potential own errors. I am a bit surprised to see so many warnings because I tend to fix my own programs until memcheck does not print these anymore (before I give it away at least). The question is: Can I consider these errors as safe to ignore? How would I distinguish real errors which may appear in my application?


  Is there any benchmark of the performance of maple on windows 7 64 bit vs linux, especially in solving generalized eigenvalue problem?


Thank you very much


I am connected to the linux version of Maple (xmaple) via putty and Xing (for GUI).

While the "big" code is running, I sometimes I got these messages,

But Maple (xmaple GUI) keeps running. It looks like it does not have an effect.


Should I be concerned?



A:=Matrix([[ a , b ], [ c , d ]]);

a:=1; b:=0; c:=0; d:=1;


produces differents results under MAPLE 16  linux i386 and under MAPLE 16  linux amd64

in the first case the last evalution has the following printed output:


on the second machine the printed output is


Does anybody has an explication; I thought that the "coorect behaviour was the first one since tables use last-name evalutation. But now I am puzzled.


has anyone successfully installed maple 17 on a machine running ubuntu 13.04? 



I have always been experiencing problems using a university server. It runs Red Hat 6.4 (Santiago) and Maple 17 X64.

The problem never occurs on Windows 7 SP1 X64 with Maple 17 X64.

Only reason I want to use the university machines is that it's "faster".

I had raised...

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