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In this work the theme of vector analysis shown from a computational point of view; this being a very important role in the engineering component; in civil and mechanical special it is why, using the scientific software Maple develops interactive solutions for long processes through MapleCloud calculations. At present the majority of professors / researchers perform static classes open source leaves; so that our students learn and memorize commands, thus generating more time learning in the area. Loading Bookseller VectorCalculus develop topics: vector algebra, differential operators, conservative fields, etc. Maplesoft making processes provide immediate calculations long operation Embedded Components displayed in line with MapleNet integrations. Today our future engineers to design solutions and will be launched in the cloud thus being a process with global qualification in the specialty. Significantly Maple is a scientific software which allows the researcher to design their own innovations and not use themes for their manufacturers.







MapleNet 18 is now available.  MapleNet 18 provides increased mobile support and eliminates the need for a Java plug-in when interacting with Maple documents in a web browser. See What’s New in MapleNet 18 for more information.



Maple WWW Net - Maple WWW integration with MapleNet

DigiArea Team is proud to present Maple WWW Net. 

Maple WWW Net is a part of Maple WWW technology that brings integration with MapleNet. Now you can access the power of Maple core directly from your worksheets in the internet. Maple WWW Net allows you to develop Maple worksheets enriched by live computations and interactive controls.

You can read more about the technology here:



Voting is open for the next individual prize to be awarded as part of the Möbius App Challenge.  The winner will receive a DSLR Camera Prize Pack! 

Here are the finalist Apps:

If you do not have the latest version of Java installed, released last week, you may have problems viewing these apps, as older versions of Java seem to be quietly disabling themselves.  I’ve attached a zip file of the finalist Apps in case it is helpful.

Note that, if you ever have any problems viewing Apps in your browser, or simply want to work offline, you can always download a Möbius App and view it in Maple or the free Maple Player. To download a Möbius App, follow the link to the App and then click on the Download button near the top left of the page.

You can vote for your favorite through our Facebook page or, if you’re not on Facebook, send an email with your vote to

And remember, we are now accepting entries for the next quarterly prize. You could win an Xbox One!  See the Möbuis App Challenge for details.

Voting closes Jan. 30.


MapleNet 16 is now available. New features include the ability to programmatically execute Maple documents from your MapleNet application and support for the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (SCSCP) framework, which promotes interoperability with special-purpose computer algebra systems. For more details, see What’s New in MapleNet 16.



Hi guys,

I tried many days but cannot find where to download or buy MapleNet 15. Please help me I am so appriciated.

Several things are broken on mapleprimes right now, including

- embedded (full) worksheets as displayed 2D Math, etc

- reputation plots for several (if not most) members

- both moderator badge updates


I want to publish a Maple Program on Web. How I do ?
I want a MapleNET Server to run on a pc for fast.

On the topic of the quality of rendering of (2D) Math on websites, could that also be re-examined for both Mapleprimes and Maplesoft's on-line help system?

Right now the on-line help has pages with missing images in Examples. For example, the `int` and `sum` on-line help pages, here and here.

On that

When entering an expression into Maple that is not in simplest form (2*(x +y)/2 Maple desktop will automatically change it to x+y. I have tried subtracting equivalent expressions, using evalb, using convert, and using simplify, but I cannot get 2*(x+y)/2 to be equivalent to (x+y) using the MapleNet web service.

Any help appreciated.

I am trying to establish communication with a mySQL database from a maplet provided over the Internet.

It's my understanding that the classpath for the JDBC must reside on the same filesystem as the maplet.

When I test my maplet on any of my computers (all Windows) I have not problem. Because I know exactly where the JAR file is located the following LoadDriver command works:

    'classpath' = "C:\\Documents and Settings/Doug/Desktop/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar");

But, if I put this maplet on one of my websites for others to download, then this path will be meaningless for other users - and even if the path were somehow valid, there is no guarantee they have the right JAR file in this location.

If I serve the maplet with my MapleNet server, then I am (in principle) back in the first case. I can put the JAR file almost anywhere on the MapleNet server. A natural place seems to be in /root/maplenet/jar/. This would mean the following should work:

    'classpath' = "/root/maplenet/jar/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar");

Alas, this is not successful, complaining that the driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver cannot be found. In case it matters, the MapleNet server is running under Linux and the other setups are different varieties of Windows.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to make this work? In particular,

  1. is it possible to allow users to use a remotely served JAR file?
    Maybe with a reference to the file given along the lines of
  2. What is the correct syntax to specify the classpath on a Linux system that includes a MapleNet server?
  3. Can I put the JAR file in the CLASSPATH environment variable on the MapleNet server (in /etc/profile)?

I am using MapleNet14 on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4. 


I tried to draw 3D plot by the use of MapleNet's Image Generation.

But the following URL that is sample code from document does not 

produce 3D plot.



Error messages are

  MapleNet JSP Error


hi all

im reading documentation about mapleNET web services

"Currently the input strings must represent Maple 1-D expressions. The output will be Maple 1-D expressions."


what is Maple 1-D expressions?

hi all

in maplenet after next link  "/maplenet/imaging/image?maple=Histogram([1,2])"

i do not see image of Histogram, just image of formula 'Histogram([1,2])' , what need for generate image?

Some Posts and Questions contain broken links to files uploaded in the "old Mapleprimes". We've heard that some files (eg. image files) may be irretrievably gone.

But here is a curious page. It had an associated .mw worksheet uploaded. And the link to the uploaded .mw is now broken/stale, at the moment that I write this. But the link to view it with the maplenet viewer, in one's browser, still works. Not only that, but the .mw worksheet can be saved from within that viewer (via a URL distinct from the broken link on the Post).

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