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 i want to create matrix that it`s element are matrix.
for example my matrix is 3*3 and elements are 2*2
in addition my element-matrix elements are unknown(x11,x12,........)


Can someone help me out here, is it possible to select a column from a matrix result in maple.

for example using the Eigenvector(M) command lets say i get the result



How can I create a matrix M by M with maple, where the elements of diagonal comes from b[i]=i+1 and the other elements comes from c[i,k]=i+k.


The code below changes the starting value of a to the last value of b (in Maple 14). Is that a feature?

> a := matrix(2, 2, [1, 2, 3, 4]);
> b := a;
> for i to 2 do for j to 2 do b[i, j] := (1/3)*b[i, j] end do end do;
> evalm(b);
> evalm(a);

Hi there. I have two expressions of type Matrix(7x1), one I entered directly and the other one is the result of a  procedure calling. They only differ by the term [1,1], so when I do a comparation of the appropiate submatrix using Equal I get a positive answer:





Now, the elements of the submatrices depend on the symbol 'n',...

Please explain me why it happens:



MatrixInverse(`<|>`(`<,>`(a, c), `<,>`(b, d)));

Error, MatrixInverse is not a command in the LinearAlgebra package


WHY? Whats wrong, please explain me?


please help me to solve this error.


The Linear Algebra package seems only able to handle Vector and Matrix algebra when the dimensions are given specifically.

It would be very helpful if the package were to be extended to cope with the situation where some or all of the dimentions were given symbollically. Of course, assume could be used to indicate when two dimensions were equal.

Are there any plans in this direction for future releases of Maple?




I guess I should know this but what is the difference between a Matrix and an Array in Maple?



I tried to solve this problem. 

It is a Maple TA question, but I get my solution wrong.



There is given a linear equation system consisting of two equations with four unknowns.

-x[1]-2*x[2]+x[3]+2*x[4] = 8

I would like to express a matrix in a neat(er) form.  For example, both matrices;

Matrix([[1/4, 1/2], [1/2, 1/4]]);

(1/2)*Matrix([[1/2, 1],[1, 1/2]]);

return the same thing.  I would like maple to print the latter with the factor 1/2 preceding the matrix for better clarity.  Is there a simple command that will do this?

Cheers in advance.


How do I find find an invertible matrix P and the diagonal matrix D such that A=PDP. Are there a Maple command that can do that. I need it to an Maple T.A. exam.


(−3 0 6)
(0 -3 −6)
(0 0 3) 


I have a matrix consisting of 4 variables. I want to define the values of these. Example:


I am looking for an easy way to put a=0, b=0, c=0 and d=0. If I just use


the variables are replaced by zeros, and not assigned zeroes as values. I know I can do it manually (by a:=0 etc.). Is there an easier way?

Morten Rask



I want to create three matrices, multiply two of them, equate the result to the third, and extract the individual matrix element equations:



I try to make calculation with matrix in matix for example

n1 >0 , n2 >0; n1 ,n2 unknow
matirx  A11 := matrix(n1,n1,[unknow variables ]);
matirx  A12 := matrix(n1,n2,[unknow variables ]);
matirx  A21 := matrix(n2,n1,[unknow variables ]);
matirx  A22 := matrix(n2,n2,[unknow variables ]);

A_big := matrix(n1+n2,n1+n2 , [[A11,A12],[A21,A22]]);

how i will sovle

A_big ^ (-1) ;

The wrong answer is

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