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Hi I have the question where i have to create a program in Maple

to find all the solutions to x^2 = -1(mod p) where 0 <= x < p . 

The progam has to be tested with different p values. 


Hi, given a, b and n such that a^x is congurent to b (mod n) how could one write a procedure to calculate x using baby step giant step method to calculate x for example i would like to be able to show that x=60 when a=3 b=64 and n=137


I'm currently working on sequences and can't figure out how to get all of the terms to work modp, is there an easy way of doing this instead of having to use mod(a,p) on each separate term?




f:=proc(a) x->modp(a*x,256); end proc:

Determine for which values of a in Z[256] the functions f(a) are onto.

I know that I need to use evalb to check if the image and coDomain are the same. I just cannot get it to work.

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