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i am plotting multiple plots in one graph using the following commands. This has been successful for a different function but it doesnt work at all for the typed function. can you pinpoint my mistake? maple sheet is attached as well.

> restart;
> w(r):=1+(S)/(2)*[(r^(2)-1)/(2)-4*ln(r)]-(b*S^(3))/(4)*[(r^(4)-1)/(4)+128*((1)/(r^(2))-1)-6*(r^(2)-1)+48*ln(r)]+(3* S^(5)*b^(2))/(8)*[80*(r^(2)-1)-5*(r^(4)-1)-640*ln(r)-640*((1)/(r^(2))-1)+(r^(6)-1)/(6)+256*((1)/(r^(4))-1)];

I am looking for a way to check if multiple variables are different. Let's say I have 4 variables named a, b, c and d. You can do it with "a!=b and a!=c and a!=d and b!=c and b!=d and c!=d", but it quickly becomes impractical when you have more variables.


Can anyone shed some light on this?


If I have 

F = x + 2π_Z1~

Is there a function/operator I can apply to F which returns only x, discarding 2π_Z1~?  That is, I want to return only the base angle, and dump the added integer multiple of 2π term.

I want to plot the zeros of an ODE dependent on the change of a parameter of the ODE. My idea is to make a loop where i save the zeros to the given parameter into a file, so that i get multiple files with the zeros in it, and then make a plot with the parameter as x coordinate and the zeros as y coordinates. How can i make this possible in Maple? How can i set a variable filename, for example "parameter name = value".txt?

Is there a simple way to assign a single value to multiple variables?

just as an example, instead of labouriously entering a1:=5: a2:=5: a3:=5  ... a40:=5:

This way I present here doesn't work as I thought.


for ii in a do
end do:


Any suggestions?

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