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AB44.mwAdded these tasks by highlighting object and then choosing
Edit > Create Task

Is there some way to delete a task from my Tasks palette

At some point I created "My second palette" is there a way
to delete individual items from this palette and how are tasks
added to a customized palette.

Any help appreciated, Thanks! Les

What is the difference between the Expression Palette and the Layout Palette? First I thought that the Layout Palette is supporting the entering of names with e.g. sub- and superscripts, but I learned (the hard way) that the templates of the Layout Palette are "mathematically active".

What is the meaning of the colours green and violett in both palettes?


I am planning on getting Maple 18 Student Editon and I am wondering if the calculus palette is in Maple 18 student edition.



Why does my Maple 2015 constantly pause to redraw symbols in pinned palettes?  Really seems to slow down my use of the program.  Had this problem in previous versions also.  Using OSX Yosemite latest version.

I am just starting with Maple 18 on Windows 8.1. I did not like the default color palette for 2D graphs and tried another one. So I edited my maple.ini file, which was in 

Please advise as to the proper coding entries needed in the triple integration palette  to transform from the Cartesian placeholders x;y;z to spherical coordinates rho; theta; phi so that the triple integration palette can be used in spherical coordinmates. Dr. Lopez alreadyb has a standalone template which does this but I would like to set a palette option for spherical  calculations.



Hi everybody:

was wondering if someone could help me figure out what change took place in Maple 16 so that the expression shown below does no longer work


It worked OK until 15



I'd like to add the summation with just the index below, not the i=1..n form, but Help seems to say that I can only expressions and entities from other palettes...

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