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I'm doing an interactive component and i need to plot a function and some points (which can change).
My question is if is it possible display the graphic with a value of automatic Plot Ranges.
For example the graphic would started with the first point and finisched with the last, like in this image (but i did it manually).

I want a sort of autozoom.

Dear friends:

I am facing two problems

1. one is to get solution of the below system of ODE for L=100 (highlited as red) and

2. the other is I want the graph in the form of solid line not poit, asterisk etc.


restart; epsilon := .1; Pr := 1; beta := .1; Sc := 1; S := 1; L := 20;
for i from -L while i <= L do;
a[i] := 1.0*i/L;
end do;
for i2 from -L while i2 <= L do;

fw := a[i2]; 

Eq1[i2] := eval(diff(F(eta), eta, eta, eta)+F(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta, eta))-(diff(F(eta), eta))^2+S*(epsilon-(diff(F(eta), eta)))+epsilon^2);
Eq2[i2] := eval((diff(G(eta), eta, eta))/Pr-G(eta)*(diff(F(eta), eta))+F(eta)*(diff(G(eta), eta))); 
Eq3[i2] := eval(diff(H(eta), eta, eta)+Sc*(F(eta)*(diff(H(eta), eta))-beta*H(eta)));
IC[i2] := F(0) = a[i2], (D(F))(0) = 1, (D(F))(L) = epsilon, G(0) = 1, G(L) = 0, H(0) = 1, H(L) = 0;
dsys1[i2] := {Eq1[i2], Eq2[i2], Eq3[i2], IC[i2]};
dsol1[i2] := dsolve(dsys1[i2], numeric, output = listprocedure, range = 0 .. L);
dsol1x[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], diff(F(eta), eta, eta));
dsol1y[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], G(eta));
dsol1z[i2] := subs(dsol1[i2], H(eta)) end do;

for j from -L while j <= L do; 
g[j] := eval(-dsol1x[j](0)) end do;

g6 := pointplot({seq([n/L, g[n]], n = -L .. L)}, symbol = asterisk, symbolsize = 15, color = red);

Please see the problem and correct as soon as possible. I am waiting your positive respone.

Muhammad Usman

School of Mathematical Sciences 
Peking University, Beijing, China


Hello people,

Im trying to plot some expressions and Maple shows me an empty graph

Although the expressions are pretty weird, I have only one variable:







plot(E[1], v=0..0.5);







I got a set of data imported from excel which is of the size 2001x2. I've use DataPlot to plot the graph of this data but I can't seem to find a way to integrate it. I've used BSplineCurve to make the discreate values continious but I cant seem to integrate this new curve. Can someone please give me a solution or an alternative way to find an approximative way to find the area under the curve.


How to do for to built animation Cylinder inscribed in cone?( in optimization problem)

I have a two graphics in two distinct Maple worksheets. How can I graph them on one graphic?


For example, 

 graphics of y=x^2 in one Maple worksheet named document 1, 

and graphics of y=x in an other Maple worksheet named document 2.

I want to graphics of them in document 1 by recalling the graphics of y=x in document 2.

Because, The codes that I will use in future are very long and complex, I need to write code like that. (if there is possibility) 

I used the command line betwen two poin, and i saw the graphic.

The line passes for my two point, but i I would like it started in the first point and finished in the second.



How can I rotate vertically label of vertical axis ? Can you help me ?

Thank you.

can anyone run my code?
please do it and send it for me.

with(plottools): with(LinearAlgebra): with(plots):
ode := `assuming`([diff(Y(X), `$`(X, 2))+2*alpha*(diff(Y(X), X))+beta^2*Y(X) = 0], [alpha >= 0, beta >= 0, alpha+beta > 0]):
F := unapply(solve(subs({X = x, Y(X) = y, diff(Y(X), X) = yp, diff(Y(X), `$`(X, 2)) = yz}, ode), yz), x, y, yp):
Fp := unapply(solve(subs({X = x, Y(X) = y, diff(Y(X), X) = yp, diff(Y(X), `$`(X, 2)) = yz, diff(Y(X), `$`(X, 3)) = yt}, diff(ode, X)), yt), x, y, yp, yz):
Ni := seq(i, i = 0 .. 9), 15, 20:
for ni in Ni do
st := time[real]();
f[0, ni] := F(x[0], y[0, ni], yp[0, ni]);
fp[0, ni] := Fp(x[0], y[0, ni], yp[0, ni], f[0, ni]);
f[1, ni] := F(x[1], y[1, ni], yp[1, ni]);
fp[1, ni] := Fp(x[1], y[1, ni], yp[1, ni], f[1, ni]);
y[2, 0] := y[0, ni]+2*h*yp[0, ni]+(6/5)*f[0, ni]*h^2+(4/15)*fp[0, ni]*h^3+(4/5)*f[1, ni]*h^2+(4/15)*fp[1, ni]*h^3;
yp[2, 0] := yp[0, ni]+2*f[0, ni]*h+(2/3)*fp[0, ni]*h^2+(4/3)*fp[1, ni]*h^2;
for j to ni do
f[2, j-1] := F(x[2], y[2, j-1], yp[2, j-1]);
fp[2, j-1] := Fp(x[2], y[2, j-1], yp[2, j-1], f[2, j-1]);
y[2, j] := y[1, ni]+h*yp[1, ni]+(7/20)*f[1, ni]*h^2+(1/20)*fp[1, ni]*h^3+(3/20)*f[2, j-1]*h^2-(1/30)*fp[2, j-1]*h^3;
yp[2, j] := yp[1, ni]+(1/2)*f[1, ni]*h+(1/12)*fp[1, ni]*h^2+(1/2)*f[2, j-1]*h-(1/12)*fp[2, j-1]*h^2;
end do:
Ms := Matrix(4, 4); Ms[1, 3] := 1; Ms[2, 4] := 1;
y[2, ni] := collect(algsubs(h*alpha = H1, expand(algsubs(h*beta = H2, expand(y[2, ni])))), {y[0, ni], y[1, ni], yp[0, ni], yp[1, ni]});
Ms[3, 1] := coeff(y[2, ni], y[0, ni]);
Ms[3, 2] := coeff(y[2, ni], yp[0, ni])/h;
Ms[3, 3] := coeff(y[2, ni], y[1, ni]);
Ms[3, 4] := coeff(y[2, ni], yp[1, ni])/h;
hyp[2, ni] := collect(algsubs(h*alpha = H1, expand(algsubs(h*beta = H2, expand(h*yp[2, ni])))), {y[0, ni], y[1, ni], yp[0, ni], yp[1, ni]});
Ms[4, 1] := coeff(hyp[2, ni], y[0, ni]);
Ms[4, 2] := coeff(hyp[2, ni], yp[0, ni])/h;
Ms[4, 3] := coeff(hyp[2, ni], y[1, ni]);
Ms[4, 4] := coeff(hyp[2, ni], yp[1, ni])/h;
sol := Eigenvalues(Ms);
st := time[real]();
SR[ni, 1] := implicitplot(max(seq(abs(sol[ii]), ii = 1 .. numelems(sol))) <= 1, H1 = 0 .. 3, H2 = 0 .. 3, filledregions, gridrefine = 3, axes = Boxed, view = [-2 .. 3, -3 .. 3], labels = [H[1], H[2]], labeldirections = ["horizontal", "vertical"]);
SR[ni, 2] := implicitplot(max(seq(abs(sol[ii]), ii = 1 .. numelems(sol))) <= 1, H1 = -2 .. 3, H2 = -2 .. 3, gridrefine = 3, axes = Boxed, view = [-2 .. 3, -3 .. 3], labels = [H[1], H[2]], labeldirections = ["horizontal", "vertical"]);
end do;
for i in Ni do
display({SR[i, 1], SR[i, 2], line([-1, 0], [3, 0], color = red, linestyle = dash), line([0, -3], [0, 3], color = red, linestyle = dash)});
end do;
display({seq(SR[i, 2], i = 0 .. Ni)});


I have plotted some figures and saved them yesterfay!

now once i opened them some nonsence digits appear on the figure! see the picture please. anyone has similar experience? how to solve it!

Dont make me disappointed maple! two days work is invain now !


How to put number 1,2,3...12  around a circle, like a clock face using Maple code ?

Right now I can only do this manually by plotting a circle, then save the file and use Windos paint to

mannual put in the numbers

Hi all

I would like to plot a quadrilaterial (  spherical quadrilaterial)  on the sphere ( the vertices are known)

How can I do this


Many thanks


Is it possible to plot chart like this in Maple?


all lines are in the same color, but would like to specify the final line [30,23],[12,30] another color how to do?



Please i need help to plot the graph of f'' against episoln using the below BVP

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