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I want to draw multiple curves based on a single equation in which a parameter will change giving different curves. I want these curves to be in the same frame. Is there a single line code for the same? 

I'm trying to plot the lines that are based on eigenvectors of the matrix. (Functions r1(t),r2(t), q(t) are defined earlier. I can upload file if necessary)



 Here I define the matrix as a function of time. 


Producing two eigenvectors also as functions of time.

InertiaAxis1 := t->plot(x, V1(t)[2]*x/V1(t)[1], x = -2 .. 2);
InertiaAxis2 := t->plot(x, V2(t)[2]*x/V2(t)[1], x = -2 .. 2);


And here I've got an error:

Error, (in plot) unexpected options: [-HFloat(7.378655652881484e-6)*x, x = -2 .. 2]

I tried to set "datatype=float"-option in plot function, to evaluate the coefficient by eval-function, it wouldn't help. What does this error mean exactly? 


how i can draw this equation in maple in 3D?




I'm modeling the interaction between rotation and vibration in water molecule. I've come up with the solution functions, but I wanted to make some illustrative animations to fully understand what is going on. I made an animation (in the very end of the attached file) showing vibration of molecule and I want the trajectory of each (of two) particles to be traced after it, how could it be done? Also I want to have the movement of the angular momentum vector (vector with components [Jx=J*cos(varphi)*sin(theta), Jy=J*sin(varphi)*sin(theta), Jz=J*cos(theta)]) be animated simultaneously with the vibration of molecule (on the same plot). Is it hard to achieve?


Dear all,


I am trying to plot in the same graph two sets of data points given by vectors. Please see the example below. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Cant plot this graph. pls help


I've got the following problem: Sometimes when I let Maple compute an integral it gives a result which is much smaller than it should be. This happens even for rather simple integrals such as the product of a Gauss function and a 1/x-type function. Here's a minimal working example:

f := x -> exp(-x^2):
g := (x,a) -> 1/(1+abs(x-a)):
for a from 1 to 100 do
A[a] := int(f(x)*g(x,a),x=-infinity..a-1)
end do:

The plot it returns looks like this:

which is clearly wrong between around a=35 and a=60...

Does anyone have an idea how this can be repaired?


Can anyone tell me how to combine several graphs into one? Fo instance I have one graph with x going from 0-1,another with x going from 1-20 and yet another with x going from 20-21. I can plot them individually but how do I put all three together?

I'm sorry I'm not doing a very good job explaining, but I hope it is understandable.




Pick any point P and let Q = (1, 1, 1). [Your choice for P can be anything other than the origin or

Find an equation for the line l1 that passes through P and the origin. Plot the line segment formed by P and the origin in Maple 

How would I plot this?


how i can plot 4 curve in one graph in maple??

this data is given in excel format as below




This is regarding numerical solution of a function and plot. I have a function in the form of f1(omega,arctan(f2(omega))), and i need to plot it with omega (as the expression is too long i cant insert it here). Now, if i am changing the range of omega in plot command then I am getting different plots for the small values of omega. Let's say if i change the range from 1..10 to 1..50 and look at the plot in the range of 1..3 then the plots looks different. Apart from this if i change the value of Digits  from 10 to 30 or 40 then every time i am getting an entire different  plot. As the expression if too long i cant convert it to Matlab expression and plot there. How to fix these issues. Please help me regarding this.




1.I want to plot (x-x0)^2 from x=0..10 with a value for x0 in the plot function not in the procedure. The procedure should 

test x against x0 and if x<x0 then y=0 else y=(x-x0)^2

2.Is it possible to use explore and use x0 as a slider?





Hello everybody!
I have a PDE with initial and boundary conditions. I want to plot its solution by taking "t" as x axis. I have seen the documentation. It only has the space variable on x axis. Please show me a way to achieve what I intend.

here is the file

The value of x can be chosen as 0.16 or 0.21

i think i might have asked this before for another thing if so im sorry but anyway i think its @ or something, i would like to plot the final output here indexed against th

NrANGE := (rand(0 .. 20))()

Š := {}

Y := proc (X) local N, S1, Š; if X <> `union`(X, S1[N]) then N := (rand(1 .. NrANGE))(); S1[N] := {K[1](N+1), K[1](N)}; Š := `union`(X, S1[N]) else  end if end proc


NrANGE := (rand(0 .. 20))(); nops(Y(Y(Y(Y({}))))); nops(Y(Y(Y({})))); nops(Y(Y({}))); nops(Y({}))




e number of iterations of Y conducted besides the original performed on the empty set

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