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The above procedure parameter Polynomials accepts a list of polynomials containing indeterminates contained in parameter Variables, but also accepts simple arithmetic expressions such as 34.

Is there any parameter qualifying coding which will only accept polynomials containing one or more of the indeterminates passed in parameter Variables?

after solve a set of equations, i got a set of solutions, [A,B,C], if i remove one of solution [C]

is it possible to find this removed solution from solutions set [A,B]

how to convert a^2*b+c to func2(func1(func1(abc[1],abc[1]),abc[2]),abc[3])

when i use custom function func2 to represent plus, func1 to represent multiply

input 3 parameters,

one is a^2*b + c one is [func1, func2] and second is [abc[1],abc[2],abc[3]] corresponding to a, b, c
a^2*b + c = func2(func1(func1(abc[1],abc[1]),abc[2]),abc[3]);

I want to solve for the roots of a polynomial, such as a x^2+b x + c = 0, for which the output is only the positive root. All coefficients/variables in the polynomial are positive. 

Recently, someone posted an answer to a question where at some point they performed this task and their solution was really slick. But I can't find it. The answer used either solve, or eval or something like that. (Yes, I did perform a search via the MaplePrimes search before asking this question.) 


For remainder of division of a (multivariable) polynomial to several polynomials at a same time one can use NormalForm in Maple. It is easy to write a procedure to also show the division but I wonder if there is any determined command such as NormalForm for this aim?

Dear All,


I am a new Maple user and I am still unaware of a lots of fancy features of Maple. I have a problem of simultaneous fitting polynomials. I wish that I could have help from you. Say, we have two polynomials of two variables,



Note that a4 and a5 are shared by the two polynomials. I would like to fit the two polynomials against their respective data set. Is there anyway I can do it using Maple? Any of your help is highly appreciated!


Best regards,



I am using mathematical simplification. In between the simplifcations I have the function after unsing "factor(f)"



Here my question is "How can separate or take out the term(s) within the brackets()" from the multivariate polynomial.


Thanking you in advance for your help.



I would prefer that all the polynomials generated in my workbook by MAPLE were in expanded form.  For instance, it the elements of a matrix are polynomials, I want to see the expanded form for all of them.  What do I type into a workbook to make this happen.  (I am a new user of MAPLE.) 

Nonzero complex numbers a, b, and c are such that every pair of the polynomials ( in x )
a*x^11+b*x^4+c, b*x^11+c*x^4+a, c*x^11+a*x^4+b has a common root. How to prove or disprove with Maple that all the three polynomials have a common root? I am aware of the resultant command in Maple.

if i can use maple to call c# function such as AForge.QLearning

how to set some tasks for it to guess some system of polynomials to fit hibert series criteria?

how to set a game for it to run itself to discover itself?

How can I compute F from G according to the following text? (I implemented this but I need a more efficient implementation.)


Given a set G of polynomials which are a subset of k[U, X] and a monomial order with U << X, we want to comput set F from G s.t.

1. F is subset of G and for any two distinct f1, f2 in F , neither lpp (f1) is a multiple of lpp (f2) nor lpp (f2) is a multiple of lpp (f1).

2. for every polynomial g in G, there is some polynomial f in F such that lpp (g) is a multiple of
lpp (f ), i.e. ⟨lpp (F )⟩ = ⟨lpp (G)⟩,


It is worth nothing that F is not unique.

Example:  Let us consider G = {ax^2 − y, ay^2 − 1, ax − 1, (a + 1)x − y, (a + 1)y − a} ⊂ Q[a, x, y], with the lexicographic order on terms with a < y < x.

Then F = {ax − 1, (a + 1)y − a} and F ′ = {(a + 1)x − y, (a + 1)y − a} are both considered set.

please not that K[U,X] is a parametric polynomial ring (U is e sequence of parameters and X is a sequence of variables).

lpp(f) is leading monomial of f w.r.t. variables X. For example lpp(a*x^2+b*y)= x^2.


and f=

The elements of W are none zero. I want a procedure that return "true" if f is none zero w.r.t. W and return

"false" otherwise.

a system of monomials, which has 5 equations for 5 variables , have more than one solutions,

first solution is my wanted solution,

how to eliminate other unwanted solutions?


1. add more equations to eliminate unwanted solutions? how to do?


2. edit existing system to eliminate unwanted solutions? how to do?

    a.  add extra terms to some equations?


what is the cause that make it having more than one solutions?

can this reason help to edit existing system?


i succeed with adding extra equation,a1+a2+a3+a4+a5-(6+s) =0  in 3 variables case, it calculate very fast within 1 second.

but when calculating 5 variables, it evaluating a very very long time, what is the problem


without extra equation a1+a2+a3+a4+a5+a6+a7-(1+2+3+4+5+s), it get result within 1 second, but after adding this extra equation, it is like dead loop,

my surface computer run with large fans noise and very hot.



I'm writing to ask how to equalize the coefficients of two multivariate polynomials. In particluar, I have two polynomials whose arguments are ln(E),ln(K),ln(L) (their levels, squared levels and interaction terms). The first one is:


the second one is:


I would like to know if it is possible to equalize the coefficients of the two polynomials and find the following system:

v*a*b = x_1, -v*(a-1) x_3, -v*a*(-1+b) = x_2, a*b*v*(b*rho*a-b*rho+g*(-1+b)) = x_11, v*rho*a*(a-1) = x_33, v*a*(rho*(-1+b)*a-rho*(-1+b)+b*g)*(-1+b) = x_22, -a*v*rho*(a-1)*b = x_13, -a*v*(a*rho-rho*u+g)*b*(-1+b) = x_12, a*v*u*rho*(a-1)*(-1+b) = x_23

I tried using "coeffs" and creating a sequence of values for x but then I don't know how to equalize them.

Thank you very much in advance for your time,


how to composite two system of polynomials in maple

for a o b = identity

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