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Hi I was wondering if theres a way to smoothen a signal in maplesim.
I was trying to create a simple moving average but it doesnt seem to be able to create a feed back loop?
Much appreciate any help, or if there are other ways within maplesim to do it.


Take for instance the signal [1,0,-3,2,1,0,1,2] (considered in Wavelets for Kids, Vidakivic & Mueler, AMS, 1991).

I want to anlalyse it down to the level zero with Haar wavelets. It seems that MAPLE's commnad only applies once.




Dear all,

I have a question, why is the output of the inverse Laplace transformation if the signal is multiplied by itself not just convoluted in time domain:






How do enter and use the notation of a step function (u(t-3)-u(t-4) in maple to use in calculations? thanks

Good day! Some of my tasks are quite time consuming. What maple command I have to use in order to get some sound signal when calculation is over?

Hi all,


I want to compare two signals with relational block in Maplesim, i.e. greater or equal

The output signal should be a pulsed signal which represents the intervals where one signal is greater or equal to the second signal

How to do this


How to obtain a triagular signal ?


Hi all,

I want to compare two signals where intersections between the two signals represent the instant of command (like boolean pulse) of a thyristor. The two signals are volatges and command of thyristor is boolean. A conversion of voltage to boolean signal should also done, I think ?

Thanks in advance

See image below.

How many randomly ordered signals are required until we achieve a chaotic signal, or one that is undistinguishable from being random? Another way to put it, although not a good example, is if we had an infinitely large room full of people talking, what is the minimum number of people needed to be to make the noise appear random? Of course making a few unrealistic conditions such as the volume of each persons speech is heard at the same level and pitch no matter their distance...

Questions about Fourier series use in Maple/Or even which commands should I use in Maple to solve these questions as I didn’t find the commands in Maple in general; Here are some questions:


I have a sample waveform of an air conditioner and want to see if any low frequencies (10 Hz which is harmful to human health) exist in the wave.  How can I do that?


Granted the frequencies picked up in the recorded file depend on the quality of the recording and the recorder and lower frequencies may not have been picked up. 


I've looked at

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