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solve(diff(-1/x,x) = (-1/x)^(b), b);

originally is 2, but it use ln(....) to express
if start from substitute, it seems need to replace manually.

solve(subs(a(x)=-1/x,diff(a(x),x) = (a(x))^(b)), b);

goal is to find b in equation below
solve(diff((x^2+x+1)/(-1+x)^2,x) = ((x^2+x+1)/(-1+x)^2)^(b), b);
(2*x+1)/(-1+x)^2-(2*(x^2+x+1))/(-1+x)^3 = ((x^2+x+1)/(-1+x)^2)^(b)
solve(diff((x^2+x+1)/(-1+x)^2,x) = ((x^2+x+1)/(-1+x)^2)*(b), b);

So, i have 3 vectors:




where a,b,c are constants.

such that A is perpedicular on B and C, and the scalar product B*C=2.I have to estimate this constants using an iterative algorithm on Maple and then solve the problem using predefined function from Maple and compare the results.If you have an idea pls let me know.Thank you.Sry if I wasn't clear.

friends , 

i want to solve an equation but maple result is " Root of .. " term , how can i get rid of that



Ok, so i have this functions

where f(x) represent urban population and g(x) represent the rural population.

And i have to implement an algortihm in Maple to find out after what period of time x the rural population will be with 20% bigger than urban population.

I'm new in Maple and is a little bit hard for me to implement algorithms in this program.If you can help me with any idea, i will really apreciate.Thank you :). 


The equation
                     -sqrt(k x) = sqrt(k x)
 is solved correctly by Maple:

solve(-sqrt(k*x) = sqrt(k*x));
                 {k = k, x = 0}, {k = 0, x = x}

However, the equation
                 -sqrt(k x) = sqrt(k x + k - 1)
 is apparently not solved correctly:

solve(-sqrt(k*x) = sqrt(k*x+k-1));

                         {k = 1, x = x}
The variable
 can not be arbitrary since this equation reduces to the former equation
-sqrt(k*x) = sqrt(k*x);
 when  k = 1

Maple should return something similar to (4) below.

eval(-sqrt(k*x), k = 1) = eval(sqrt(k*x+k-1), k = 1);
                          (1/2)    (1/2)
                        -x      = x    
solve({-x^(1/2) = x^(1/2)});
                            {x = 0}

Can this be explained in some way, or is this a bug?

Hi everyone,

I have a functional "L" which I want to solve Euler-Lagrange for it and then extermise that by its equation of motions. I know the result must be same to a function like "A" but I cant obtain that. "a", "b" and "s" are constants and not important, I insist more on the shape of "A"


Thanks a lot

Hi everybody,

I'm kind of new to Maple and i'm trying to solve a system of trigonometric equations inequality as follow:

f:= {((2*a*sin(S)*cos(S)^(2)))/(1-sin(S)^(3))<1,90> S>-90,a>1};

Error, (in PiecewiseTools:-Convert) unable to convert


How can I solve the system?

Thanks a lot.

In the below calculations, I get some solutions after solving the system. I am not sure if this is done assuming that all the values that are under the radicals are positive or indeed they are positive without further assumptions. I mean can I be sure that each given set of solution is a feasible solution? I suspect that Maple may ignore the assumptions sometimes.  

I have a parametric equation which want to solve it , but maple does not .

 best regards

Suppose Delta:=f(a,b)x^2+g(a,b)x+h(a,b), where f,g,h are functions of a and b. Is there a way to find conditions on a,b such that Delta is positive?


I need to solve system of 6 non linear equations. 

Down here you can see the code I wrote and at the end used to fsolve function, and it is not running. I get an error about the const 'V': Error, (in fsolve) V is in the equation, and is not solved for.

What is the right way to solve this system?

Thank you very much!



omega1 := 1.562;
omega2 := 2.449;
omega3 := 3.325;
y1 := c1*sin(omega1*t+phi1)+c2*sin(omega2*t+phi2)+c3*sin(omega3*t+phi3);



y2 := .1019*c1*sin(omega1*t+phi1)+.75*c2*sin(omega2*t+phi2)+.4608*c3*sin(omega3*t+phi3);



y3 := .407*c1*sin(omega1*t+phi1)+(0*c2)*sin(omega2*t+phi2)+1.844*c3*sin(omega3*t+phi3);
eq1 := subs(t = 0, y1) = 0;
eq2 := subs(t = 0, y2) = 0;
eq3 := subs(t = 0, y3) = 0;
eq4 := subs(t = 0, diff(y1, t)) = V;
eq5 := subs(t = 0, diff(y2, t)) = 0;
eq6 := subs(t = 0, diff(y3, t)) = 0;



eqs := [eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4, eq5, eq6];
vars := [c1, c2, c3, phi1, phi2, phi3];
fsolve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4, eq5, eq6}, {c1, c2, c3, phi1, phi2, phi3});



  Assume that one has an equation P(a,b,c,d,e,f)=0. How do we solve this equation so that the parameters b and c are in terms of a, and the parameters d and e in terms of f?

I want to solve a system of algebraic equations in maple using as follows:


equations:={b[1](2)*a[1](2, 1) = 1/2, b[1](2)*a[1](2, 1)^2 = 1/3, b[1](2)*a[2](2, 1) = 1/2, b[1](2)*a[2](2, 1)^2 = 1/3, b[2](2)*a[1](2, 1) = 1/2, b[2](2)*a[2](2, 1) = 1/2, b[1](2)*(a[3](2, 1)+a[3](2, 2))*a[1](2, 1) = 1/3, b[1](2)*(a[3](2, 1)+a[3](2, 2))*a[2](2, 1) = 1/3, b[1](2)*a[2](2, 1)*a[1](2, 1) = 1/3, b[1](1)*(a[3](1, 1)+a[3](1, 2))+b[1](2)*(a[3](2, 1)+a[3](2, 2)) = 1/2, b[1](1)*(a[3](1, 1)+a[3](1, 2))^2+b[1](2)*(a[3](2, 1)+a[3](2, 2))^2 = 1/3, b[2](1)*(a[3](1, 1)+a[3](1, 2))+b[2](2)*(a[3](2, 1)+a[3](2, 2)) = 1/2, b[1](1)+b[1](2) = 1, b[2](1)+b[2](2) = 1}

variables:={a[1](2, 1), a[2](2, 1), a[3](1, 1), a[3](1, 2), a[3](2, 1), a[3](2, 2), b[1](1), b[1](2), b[2](1), b[2](2), b[3](1), b[3](2)}




But I get an error mesage that the equations is not valid equation or expression.

Any help?


hey is there a easy way to make maple solve an equation with similar different variables,

for eksample 

defining the different variables

x_0:=1       x_1:=4           x_2:=10

setting up and equation

solve x * 5

recieving answers for all defined x variables

= [5,20,50]



hey guys ,


i have problem to obtain roots for a higher order equation


thanks for your

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