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Hi I teach math, 

And I seek help to make the following. 

Lets say you have a function f(x)=x^3-x^2-4*x+12 and you want make a Maple demonstration which shows the students first how they find the extreme-points of this function by first solving f'(x) = 0 -> 3x^2 - 2*x - 4=0 and then taking the two extreme points and calculating the slope the tangent on their respective left and right side of the point x =. And then outputting.

Since the slope of the tangent on the left side x = .... is positive and the slope of the right to the right of the point is negative, then  x = ..... is a local max.

Since the slope of the tangent on the left side x = .... is negative and the slope of the right to the right of the point is positive, then  x = ..... is a local minimum.


I know that this can be done using FunctionAnalysisTutor from the StudentCalculus1, but since I teach student whos first language is english, I would to be able to do a worksheet/document which shows the above mentioned textoutput. It is possible? If yes if anyone has ideer howto do this? I would very much appriciate some input.  

best regards





Not to long ago i found a post showing that maple was able to show the steps behind math.


   (convert(expr,name) =
   = eval(expr):
end proc:



                     (a+b*c = 1 + 3*5) = 16

However if I assign a unit to any of these numbers (a,b or c), the twostep code won't work.

Is there any way that maple can show the steps, while having it both show and convert the units?



b:=40Ohm:   (I can't insert the Omega sign)

c:= twostep(a/b);

                (a/b=70V/40Ohm) = 1,75A


It is possible to display something like:

4 + 3 = x - 1

without Maple actually adding the 4 and 3 and putting that as a 7?


Same idea with sqrt. Is it possible to write sqrt(9) in a worksheet and actually seeing it as square root of 9 rather than a 3. Maple automatically simplifies everything so it's kinda hard to show a step by step process. Is there a way to solve this problem?

To be clear, I am talking about typing this into an active worsheet line. I know I can do a lot of this if I just do text becuase text lines obviously don't execute. They just display text. The reason I need to have this working is becuase sometimes I would have a command line where I want some of it to be excuted and some of it not so I can't just use text.

Thank you


Hi There,

Im currently on using a trial version of maple for engineering students. I am looking to see how you can view a step by step method of solving equations. I can't seem to find a way of doing so and I keep just getting the final answer. Can you assist?


Also I can't find the quadratic equation option.





In maple18 has:


but how to see step-by-step factor ??

(Sorry! I'm not very good at English.)

Thank you!


I want to run an entire worksheet step by step to see errors and how variables are flowing and so on.

I know that I can invoke de debbuger but it doesn't allow me to do so from start.

How can I do that, is that possible?

It´s like:


<I want to start a step by step from here>
<and stop here>

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to do the ab-initio method for differentiation in maple?

Good evening,

I am trying to solve the following sum equation:


sum((factorial(n)/factorial(2*n))^n, n = 1 .. infinity)


but I require the step-by-step solution as to how it is done, but can't seem to find that option. 


If anone could help me out, that would be great.


Kind regards,


whenever i use maplesoft, i`m wondering about the instruction which is to show me the explanation about answers.

Maplesofte must be worked by some principles , therefore it can show the explanation of any answers to users

please let me know what is the instruction that i can watch explanations.


for example /

> int(f(x)*g(x),x);

sin(x) - x cos(x) - 1/2 cos(x) sin(x) + 1/2 x

 how can it get an answer, i wanna see that

I want to get a step-by-step solution of following integral:

Int(.5*exp(-s*t)*exp(-4.5*t)*sin(2*Pi*t), t)

how I can achieve this? Is there a Task for this? I tried Student Package but failed.

I want to solve a Laplace integral transform step-by-step its as follows:



IntTutor(Int(e^-st f(t),t=0..infinity)


but it says that the expression can't be integrated, and secondly it does not work with 'infinity'. How I can solve this for step-by-step solution?



I need to know if the Software Maple solve, step-by-step series of Fourier and Laplace transforms? The Maple command has to solve step by step series of Fourier and Laplace transforms? or commands show only the direct solution?

I am just getting started with Maple and would like to know the following:

When I input an equation, for example (3.4)^2x+3 = 8.5, right click and select “solve for x”, the software gives me a value x=0.6256295444, although this is the final answer I require I also want to see how we arrived at that answer, I bought the software to use as a learning tool so I really need to be guided through the whole process.

Hope you can help.

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