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Dear Maple Users

I am mainly in favor of the new rules concerning subscripts. Using Ctrl+-- (double underscore) it is pretty straight forward to get a literal subscript and it displays much better in the palette Variables than was the case i Maple 16. Also the purple coloring of a variable containing a literal subscript makes sense, because it can be distinguished from the usual subscript (now Ctrl+shift+-). Good that you can remove the coloring in the View Menu (Atomic Variables...

I need to use subscripts to define a system of equation and its respective variables. I do not encounter any problem when I use solve or Basis (with Groebner package) but when I tried to use RealRootCounting (with RegularChains and SemiAlgebraicSetTools packages), I got the following error message:

Error, (in RegularChains:-SemiAlgebraicSetTools:-RealRootCounting) invalid input: TRDnearsolve expects its 5th argument, vlist, to be of type list(symbol), but received [p[1], x[1], q[1], u[1]]...

How does one keep a literal subscript from being translated into a indexed subscript?

Keyboard shortcuts work fine putting in the literal/index characters in Maple 2D.  If one converts the view to Maple 1D the text shown is correct.  But, as soon as one makes a next operation, Maple converts all of the literals to indexes!!!!  What's going on?

While it seems one could just keep working in Maple 1D input, this makes no sense.  The whole purpose...



I have a very important question that I can't seem to find anywhere in the literature.  I am trying to create a procedure to do something that would be seeminly impossible by hand.  In doing so, I need to create exactly 729 variables, which I would like to simply call x_i for i=1...729.  Yet the problem is that I don't know how to define the variable x_i during the procedure.  For example, I would like to do something of the sort:

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