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I'm used to Mathcad, and I am very new to Maple. Something I cannot figure out right now is how to define multiple elments of a matrix using a function.

Input Data

Define system dimensions as n:=2;






Minor side note: I originaly had upsilon defined using the syntax "Vector[row](ncomp)", but this was giving me an 'exponentiation' operation error, so I changed it to what it is now (basically a list/array, which I guess has different type definitions that no longer cause the error?).





The Problem I'm Having

Now I just want to define Lambda using a function to define all elements (like I would in Mathcad).

Lambda[i,j]:= (upsilon[j]/upsilon[i]) * exp (-lambda[i,j]/2853);

which gives me an extremely long error message:

Error, invalid input: exp expects its 1st argument, x, to be of type algebraic, but received Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = -0.3504976272e-3, (1, 2) = -.16509955895845776, (2, 1) = -.30975332953088164, (2, 2) = -0.3504976272e-3}, datatype = float[8]

As far as I can tell (keep in mind that this is my very first Maple project) that it doesn't like lambda as a matrix? But shouldn't it just evaluate to the element? and why is (2,2) and (1,1) giving values, because it should intialize to zero, so exp(0) = 1 in these cases??

I tried to simplify further by just trying


but then it just gives me 1, and when I look into Lambda all the elements are now 1 when only the diagnol elements should be 1 (the rest some fractional amount)??

I am at a complete loss. I thought about doing something like For i = 1 to n etc. but then it just looks like coding, which defeats the purpose of trying to make a calculation sheet documenting the procedure...

Any help and/or insights into what I am doing wrong here would be most welcomed :)

P.S. I've just noticed that there is an upload option :/


Here's an example compound inequality I'm working on.

Working it out manually.... 

Compound Inequality
4477.25 <= 4477.25+.25*(t-32450) <= 16042.25;

Distribute the coefficient
4477.25 <= 4477.25+.25*t - 8112.50 <= 16042.25;

Combine like terms
4477.25 <= -3635.25+.25*t <= 16042.25;

Add 3635.25 to all sides
8112.50 <= .25*t <= 19677.50;

Divide all sides by .25
32450 <= t <= 78710;


How can I ask Maple to simplify this compound inequality? Obviously this is not the correct syntax, It seems Maple doesn't understand what I want it to do.

4477.25 <= 4477.25 + .25 * (t-32450) <= 16042.25;

                       0.00 <= 0.25 t - 8112.50 and 0.25 t <= 19677.50                (112)


Also is there a way to ask Maple to only perform one step? In the above example, is it possible to ask Maple to "Distribute the .25", then show the result, next ask it to combine like terms, etc?

Hello i want to solve the differentiel equation but i have these problem i don't understund  why !?




mb:=765 : mp:=587 :Ib:=76.3*10^3 :Ip:=7.3*10^3 :l:=0.92 :d:=10:F:=0.042:omega:=0.56 :


1352*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))+540.04*cos(alpha(t))*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))+[540.04*[diff(alpha(t), t)]^2*sin(alpha(t))]-0.42e-1*sin(.56*t) = 0



-540.04*sin(alpha(t))*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))+[540.04*[diff(alpha(t), t)]^2*cos(alpha(t))]-13263.12-0.42e-1*sin(.56*t) = 0



587*[10+.92*cos(alpha(t))]*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))+[7796.8368+5400.40*cos(alpha(t))]*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))-587*sin(alpha(t))*[-9.20*alpha(t)^2]+[5297.7924*sin(alpha(t))] = 0



540.04*cos(alpha(t))*(diff(diff(x(t), t), t))+7796.8368*(diff(diff(alpha(t), t), t))-5297.7924*sin(alpha(t)) = 0


CI:= x(0)=0,alpha(0)=0,D(x)(0)=0,D(alpha)(0)=0;

x(0) = 0, alpha(0) = 0, (D(x))(0) = 0, (D(alpha))(0) = 0


sys := eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4:



Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system




thanks for your help


int((1-r^3+3*r^2-3*r)(r^3-3*r^2+3*r), r = 0 .. 1);
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
/ 3 2
| / 3 2 \ / 3 2 \
int\-r\r - 3 r + 3 r/ + 3 r\r - 3 r + 3 r/

/ 3 2 \ |
- 3 r\r - 3 r + 3 r/ + 1, r = 0 .. 1/

Dear all,

Please, I need help to remplace in the code attached,  addadd(beta[i]*u(x+[i]*h),i=0..N)+Error; 
by add(beta[i]*u(x+alpha[i]*h),i=0..N)+Error;  I see, that we must add a function, alpha, but how.

I think I must modify this rows: but how:

stencil := add(a[ii[i]]*subsop(r=op(r,phi)+ii[i]*stepsize,phi),i=1..N);


Many thinks

Hi Mapleprimes community,


I am a maple novice and was trying to write a procedure but cannot tell what my syntax error is.  I would greatly appreciate if anyone can point out what I did wrong or any improvement in the code that I can make.  Thanks



One can do igcd(12,8), and igcd(16,3), etc...

But how to define a list/set/array/vector/matrix, etc... that contains these pair of numbers, and then call/map igcd on this list?

I tried putting the pair of values in a list and set and even a matrix, calling calling map(igcd, lst) but not getting it right.

The confusing part for me with Maple is to know which data structure to use for each function, since there are more than one. Here are my silly attempts:




I was looking for something like in Mathematica:

lst = {{12, 8}, {16, 3}};
GCD @@ lst

    {4, 1}

I am sure it is possible to do this in Maple (i.e. map igcd to list of pair of numbers), I just can't get the syntax right. I did look at few examples somewhat related, but did not understand what they are doing. They said I need to pass an extra argument for map in this case?

thank you

Solve Differential Equation: y''-3y'-4=e^xsin4x


     I'm reading in a file as

eigvect:=ImportMatrix("C:\\Users\\Sorted_Eigenvectors_1.txt", source=csv):

but I want to generalize this to 

eigvect:=ImportMatrix("C:\\Users\\Sorted_Eigenvectors_i.txt", source=csv):

where i is a positive integer, I tried

eigvect:=ImportMatrix("C:\\Users\\Sorted_Eigenvectors_%d.txt",i, source=csv):

but this is incorrect. What is the correct syntax?



I wonder if you could help me. I'm trying to calculate the eigenvalues of a complicated 3x3 matrix in Maple, but I'm not very familiar with Maple syntax. The answer maple has provided me with is in the form,

(&*(sin(pi*q/P),P/T,3x3 matrix))

How do I interpret this result? The eigenvalues are scalars.

Thanks for your help,




Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and also new to Maple.


I am trying to do the following:

"Write a procedure, marks, to take a student’s mark and output the appropriate grade, based on the following table:"


0   – 39.99

The school computer labs use Maple 15. As it is a considerable drive for me to come in and use the lab during the hours I am not on campus, I picked up Maple 16. This has worked fine for me until today. I am trying to use the "polarplot" command to plot two equations r=8*cos(3θ) and r=4-2.5cos(θ). Doing so on the computer lab Maple 15 plots fine. When I do so on Maple 16 on my computer I get something different. If I switch the order of the equations on 16 I get...

In some cases if not always, "fi" can be used to close an "if" clause, instead of "end if" and "od" can be used to close a "do" clause, instead of "end do".

These short forms are intuitive and can save a lot of space; for instance say you have 5 "do" clauses to be closed, it is a lot shorter to type "od:od:od:od:od:" than  "end do:end do:end do:end do:end do:"

Yet for some reason it does not seem to be a recommended short form. The Advaced Programming Guide (dated 2008...


I know all the necessary computational steps to create a Linear Regression line, but I am having trouble making it into a succient procedure. I have to make a 3 procedures for three methods, minimizing Vertical distance, Horizontal, and lastly, Diagonal. 

I uploaded an example of my work to compute a linear regression line, minizming vertical distance. I have all the necessary steps for horizontal and diaganol as well. 



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