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Maple 2017.1 on windows 7.

This is VERY frustrating. If I have a string which is too long (do not blame me, it is Maple's output), and  try to save it to text file using fprintf(), then Maple decides to insert CARRIAGE RETURN at about each 1,000,000 characters intervals. 

So if the string happened to be 5 million chars, and instead of getting one long line in the file for this one result, It writes 5 lines in the file.

Becuase of this, I can't postprocess this output, since the program that reads the file expects one line per one result. So it fails to parse it. And having to post process the file to correct this is not easy at all.

Why is there a limitation of writing long string to a file without it being chopped of like this? Is there a way to work around this? Here is a MWE


fd := fopen("out.txt",WRITE):

As you can see, I wrote the result as one string. Now if you look at the file out.txt in the directory (you might want to use good editor for this, such as vi or textedit), you will see many lines in there, and not one long line as expected. Or you can run this code

number_of_lines :=0:
while line <>0 do
   number_of_lines :=number_of_lines + 1:
print(` number of lines read is `,number_of_lines);

The above gives

                ` number of lines read is `, 24

This problem now means I am not able to continue with what I am doing. Does this happen on other platforms?

I think this happens due to Maple limits

      `[Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]`

However, I am NOT dispalying anything on the screen. This is all going to text files.  It seems Maple output limits of 1,000,000 is confusing fprintf() to a file as well?

I basically want to make a Maple procedure that does certain calculations and writes the explanation for each calculation. I do however want Maple to write these explanations as a text field like in a normal Maple worksheet, instead of the blue output in the middle. Is this possible? Or is there any alternative ideas you have that I could try? Would really appreciate any kind of help, thanks.


i want save result in text file?

how i can do it?

for example eta and F(eta) in two  column

sample file is attache.


sample for save results::::

eta                     F(eta)

0.00000000, 0.00000000
0.10000000, 0.00096663
0.20000000, 0.00373543
0.30000000, 0.00810907
0.40000000, 0.01388926
0.50000000, 0.02087683
0.60000000, 0.02887169
0.70000000, 0.03767307
0.80000000, 0.04707963
0.90000000, 0.05688968
1.00000000, 0.06690139

Download txtop1.txt







I just went from maple 18 to maple 2016. I use maple as a writing program aswell for notes and school.


I realized that maple 2016 does output lines when writing math in a textbox. This is kind of annoying since notes in chemistry is not allways a true mathematical expression. Therefore maple complains. Is there anyway to change this? 


Below and above the iterators, there is a graphic with numbers rotated in all directions.  I am thinking it is based somewhat on what I have done here

How did they get the rotations in Maple?



I would like the C-Text style in 14pt Times Roman while the C-2D-Math style is 12pt.

My use case is that I am typing in a single execution block.

I use Format >> Styles and select the style for C-Text and set it to 14pt Times. I click OK to close the dialog. Next I repeat this for the C-2D-Math style but this time set the font size to 12pt and, for testing, the colour to blue. The effect is to give me 14pt Times for both styles, though the C-text is black and the 2-D-Math is blue.

Can the effect I want be achieved, or is this a bug/feature?

This is Maple 2016.1 on Windows 10 64bit

 Thanks for any help

I have checked many Maple pages and I found nowhere the answer to this question.

EQ:= s^2-4*s+1=3;

I need to print the following statement:

The Equation Is: EQ

I need the equation to appear where EQ is.

Thank you guys!

I appreciate it.




In workbook mode I use the Insert>>Paragaph>>Before Cursor to create a text block. I just want to type text into this block by way of comments on what preceded/follows. However, when I type parentheses or <> of (I expect) other stuff that Maple recognises as being parts of mathematical expressions Maple switches to italic and bold and starts generally interefering with my text. In the case of my title I get the result in the picture below. Is there any way to stop Maple doing this so I can type text?



In order to improve the readability of a worksheet, I would like to insert in text lines the equations that I calculate after with a input maple.


Is it possible to add in a text line equations and symbols as we can make with Latex or MathType ? For example, i would be interested to write vectors in a text line.

Thank you for your help.

I have a .mpl file containing some procedures and other code.
When I open the file, everything is placed in a single execution group
(I use 1D math, worksheet mode).

Is it possible to have distinct execution groups?
For example, after each two blank lines (or other separator) in the .mpl file.

The same question when using .txt files as Maple input (in this case the code being not executed).

Thank you.


NULLIn TEXT MODE the greek letters phi and varphi behave peculiarly in text entries inside text box in drawing. If it is the first letter it prints alright. Otherwise they rverse themselves (phi to varphi and viceversa). Is this solvable?








Ramakrishnan V

I related two Text Area Components by using the codes "Do(%text_beta_radian=evalf(%text_beta_degress/180*Pi))".

I wanna know what codes can refresh the display of the text area component with name%text_beta_radian

after I change the input value of that%text_beta_degress?

Say I have a funtion something like this



Now I want the above output to be saved to a .txt file having maple friendly format.


Can we rotate 3d text in Maple like this shown here?


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