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Hi everyone,

I need to assign the output of the timer block to a variable which is then will be used in a trapeziod signal to add a time offset. Please see the visual below.

Thanks for your time,


Hi all,

I want use a timer to let Maple program run automatically.

Timer will make Maple run by a time step. Maple will plot photo base on a datadase, the database is a SQL database.

The timer is from Jave or somewhere we can used.

Please help me.


How do I make a timer to record the seconds elapsed between button clicks?

I would like to make a multiplication game for primary students and want to have it return a score that reflects how long it took to answer the question.  I've been through the help pages (i.e. the lunar lander module) so I know it can be done but I am a Maple novice and am having trouble replicating it.

Thanks for your help!

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