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Dear Maple experts,


I would like to teach volume of solids generated by revolution of an area between two curves by washers & cylindrical shell methods uisng Maple technology to my students. In this regard, I request the Maple experts to provide easy commands to meet my requirement.


With thanks & best regards.



Associate Professor in Mathematics

How do i can find volume of solid of revolution formed when the closed loop of the curve is rotated about the x-axis?

Hi, there

How can we plot the volume of revolution of the region between two curves y=2x-x^2 and y=sqrt(2x-x^2) around the x-axis?

Any help will be appreciated. I used a command in maple 13 but the result was a sphere!



Dear Exppert,

I used the following command to plot the volume of revolutionin Maple13, but with the message "unable to invert function w.r.t. the vertical axis."


VolumeOfRevolution(sqrt(1-(x-4)^2), -sqrt(1-(x-4)^2), x=3..5, axis=vertical, scaling=constrained, output=plot).

Meanwhile, this command can plot each function individually, which is a semi-torus.



Fail to do Volume of Revolution when rotate in y-axis by using student calculus 1 packege.

It is good in any x-axis thorugh.

the erorr looks like this, I follow the direction on Maple website and enter axis = vertical, but it give me something like this.

I type vertical := x = 0 somewhere, I was wondering the Maple think vertical = x = 0, so O change the
vertical := x = 0 to v := x = 0(like first image), but after I run the whole thing it still give me same error.

The weirdest part is I actually run the second one scuccess first time, but second time it failed and I don't know why. I input exactly samething but it failed, weird!!


I need help plotting the volume of revolution generated by the curves x=0 and x=(2*y^3)-y^4 around the y=-2 axis. I tried using parametric equations, x(t)= (2*t^3)-t^4 and y(t)=t for t between 0..2, and the VolumeofRevolution command with StudentCalculus 1. To be more precise, I used:

VolumeOfRevolution(2*t^3-t^4,t, t = 0 .. 2, output = plot, axis = horizontal, distancefromaxis = -2);

However, the volume I'm getting is not the one I'm looking for....

How to implement this in maple, can be developed graphically?

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