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i know its really simple or such i just dont quite get what to do here moreso why it occurs for this particular delimiter



Warning, premature end of input, use <Shift> + <Enter> to avoid this message.




Morning all,

I repeatedly solve (command solve) a collection of systems of inequalies. Some of them can have no solution, but I am able to check if a solution has been found or not, and then take some decision about the system in question.

I have placed a few print commands at different critical locations within the loop where those systems are constructed and possibly solved.
Every time solve fails finding a solution it returns me a "no solution found" warning.
In order to keep my printings readable, could it be possible to avoid those warnings ?
Is there some "try & catch" like mechanism to manage warnings ?

Thank you all in advance

What can i do in this case? I,m traying solve a system of non linear equation like this, i want to know Rs and Rsh:


I have a PDE system. When I use pdsolve it gets me the messege " pdsolve->Warning: System is inconsistent". Is there a way I can see which equations breaks the system down? 
For this system, it's difficult to see from ayeball where the problem is. 
Thank you!

In a Maple Primes reply by Joel Riel on Sept. 14, 2011 he included the following command referring to warnings issued from a dsolve, numeric command having events containing a halt action:

_Env_in_maplet := true:  # incantation to suppress integrator warnings

Where can if find explanatory help for his command and any others of a similar nature?

Dear all,


I know the solve command is somehow limited, and it cannot find the solution for all equations.

But I have two equations which must be solved and I am desperately looking for solutions!


My equations are listed below:

f1:= (1/2)*x + (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*x^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(3/2)*y - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = kappa*rho*c0^2

f2:=-(1/2)*y+ (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*y^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(1/2)*x - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = 0

I need to find x and y in terms of alpha and beta.

The other parameters are known.

But of course, maple gives me the warning: "Warning, solutions may have been lost".

Does anybody have any suggestion?



 How get another solutions ? f:=exp(x2*(a-x))

how to plot ln(sqrt(x-12)/(-x^(2)+15x)

Whenever I try to plot I get 

"Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; complex values were detected".



is it possible to remove this warning and not to show it when executing a procedure ? 

Warning, `AzIII` is implicitly declared local to procedure `lisse`


Hi all,


I tried to find the real solution of the unlinear integral equation:


exp(-h^2/T)*(Int(exp(-x^2/T)*BesselI(0, h*x/T)*x, x = 0 .. 1))/T


but I got the warning and an complex solution:


 solve(subs(T = 1, eq)-.99 = 0, h)

Warning, solutions may have been lost



Can anyone help me to find a real solution for this issue (if possible)...?

I would like to thank you in advance.


Hi all,

epsilon:=5:Delta1:=2:Delta2:=-4: N1:=1000:
dsys :={diff(x(t),t)=-I*Delta1*x(t)+y(t)+epsilon, diff(y(t),t)=-I*Delta2*y(t)+x(t)*z(t), diff(z(t),t)=-2*(conjugate(x(t))*y(t)+conjugate(y(t))*x(t))};

res:=dsolve(dsys union {x(0)=2*I,y(0)=0,z(0)=1},numeric,output=listprocedure);


/ d
{ --- x(t) = -2 I x(t) + y(t) + 5,
\ dt

--- y(t) = 4 I y(t) + x(t) z(t),

d ____ ____ \
--- z(t) = -2 x(t) y(t) - 2 y(t) x(t) }
dt /
plots[odeplot](res,[[t,Im(y(t))]],0..200,axes=boxed,titlefont=[SYMBOL,14],font=[1,1,18],color=black,linestyle=1,tickmarks=[3, 4],font=[1,1,14],thickness=2,titlefont=[SYMBOL,12]);
Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further right of 90.013890, maxfun limit exceeded (see ?dsolve,maxfun for details)

when I increase the time give this msn:

Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further right of 90.013890, maxfun limit exceeded (see ?dsolve,maxfun for details)

I am using QPSolve for a very large matrix. Before printing the answer, Maple gives me the following warning

"Warning, necessary conditions met but sufficient conditions not satisfied".

Does it mean that the solution is feasible, but not optimum?

hi guys , i have this warning for solving a complicated equation with 7 parameters. how can i overcome to this warning ?


odesys := {(1/4)*(-4*r^(2+p+a)*p*a-11*r^(2+a+c)*a*c-4*r^(2+p+c)*p*c+22*r^(2+a+n)*a*n+8*r^(2+p+n)*p*n-22*r^(2+a+c)*a+8*r^(2+p+a)*p-8*r^(2+p+c)*p+22*r^(2+b)*b+32*r^(2+p)*p^2+32*r^(2+p)*p+22*r^(2+b)*b^2+22*r^(2+2*a)*a+65*r^(2+2*a)*a^2-8*r^(2+p+c)*p^2+8*r^(2+p+a)*p^2-22*r^(2+a+c)*a^2)/r^4+(1/4)*(4*r^(a+n)*n^2-2*r^(n+c)*n*c-4*r^(n+c)*n^2+3*r^(2*n)*n^2-4*r^(a+c)*c+8*r^(a+n)*n+4*r^(2*c)*c-8*r^(n+c)*n+4*r^m*m^2-4*r^d*d+8*r^m*m+4*r^m-4*r^d)/r^2}



res := op(odesys);



SOL1 := solve(identity(res = 0, r), {a, b, c, d, m, n, p})

Warning, solutions may have been lost







I'm trying to create interactive plots by using Explore to help demonstrate the effects parameters have on functions. I created one successfully to illustrate shifts and stretches of a polynomial:


transform(A,B,X,H,P,K):=Explore(plot(a*(b*x+h)^(p)+k,x=X),parameters=[a=A, b= B,h=H,p=P,k=K],placement=right)


However when I try to do the same with a solved ODE it returns an error message:


Explore(plot(1/(-p*x+x+1)^(1/(p-1)), x = -5 .. 5), parameters = [p = -20 .. 20], placement = right);


Executing this gives the error message: 

Warning, expecting only range variable x in expression 1/((-p*x+x+1)^(1/(p-1))) to be plotted but found name p

VIEW(-5. .. 5., DEFAULT, _ATTRIBUTE("source" = "mathdefault"))),

parameters = [p = -20 .. 20], placement = right


I'm not sure why it is having difficulty dealing with "p" when it had no difficulty with the first. Any help would be appreciated!


I need your help .. I solve a system and I get the error Warning, solutions may have been lost.

The maple code is attached.

Thank you for your help.


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