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@acer Recall that.

Your question is dirtily formulated. Could you kindly explain what you mean as "a boundary curve" in the following

restart; plots:-pointplot3d(Matrix([[0, 1, 1], [1, -1, 2], [3, 0, 5],[1, 2, 3],
 [1, 2, 4]]), axes = normal, color = navy, symbol = box);


TIA. Regard,

Markiyan Hirnyk

@EugeneKalentev I am waiting for your response to my comment too.

Regard again,


@Adam Ledger  in such manner.



@Adam Ledger A serious answer is requested. The above is not it. This  does not make a good impression about you.

@EugeneKalentev  to execute the commands




in your worksheet?

PS.  @EugeneKalentev Polite people use "thanks".


Markiyan Hirnyk

@EugeneKalentev you will see, in particular,

  • Calling Sequence
         Haar(n, j, x)
         n - algebraic; scale of the wavelet (n=0, 1, 2,...)
         j - algebraic; shift of the wavelet (j=0, 1, ..., 2^n-1)
         x - algebraic; argument of the wavelet

 In the case of your code Haar(1, 2, x)  the second index must be less or equal 2^1- 1 = 1 but the inequality 2 <= 1 is not true.

The help reading is very useful. Don't hesitate to ask for further explanation in need.

the help to DirectSearh? Try 

sol6 := DirectSearch[SolveEquations]([sol1, sol2, sol3], [T = 0 .. 100, E = 0 .. 10000, W = 0 .. 10000], 
evaluationlimit = 20000, AllSolutions, solutions = 2);

The execution may take  few hours since DS is not fast.

Because you didn't reply me in,

I have a bit of eagerness to go deep into this question.

Good luck. Please, let me know a result.

PS. Please, don't convert my comment to an answer.

@DSkoog You wrote

  • Maplesoft does not plan to formally curate GeoNames data in any way,
     though we will continue to support this great project and I wouldn't be surprised if several of our employees may regularly contribute in their off-hours.

I hardly imagine  unselfish Maple developers who develope GeoNames too. I'd like to pay attention of Maplesoft to GeoNames Services and the sources of Mma geographic data.

@Kitonum Also 

, [], [x, y], output = detailed);
 [], [x, y], output = plot);

should do the job. Unfortunately, the plot is of low quality.

@asa12 Regard again,


@asa12 for your interest to my answer. Your "second questions" are unclear for me.

Best regard,



@Kitonum 1. Thank you.

2. One cannot directly work with the "factorized" expression. Art for art's sake. 

@ernilesh80 Glad. Please, let me know the result.

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