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@Kitonum Your answer is not correct. I prefer arguments over "So what?"  etc.

PS. I'd like to quote again "However, how can we know that desired 95% outcome can be determined from the first 5 terms without trial & error?".

PPS. Unfortunately,

 lambda := 2.6:
 solve(sum(lambda^k*exp(-lambda)/factorial(k), k = 0 .. n) >= .95, [n]);
     Warning, solutions may have been lost


@Kitonum How about

lambda := 2.6: add(lambda^k*exp(-lambda)/factorial(k), k = 0 .. 4.980237188);

Pay attention to the difference between sum and add. What you do is

lambda := 2.6:sum(lambda^k*exp(-lambda)/factorial(k), k = 0 .. n);
1.*GAMMA(n+1., 2.600000000))))/(2.600000000^(n+1.)*5.^n*GAMMA(n+1.))
fsolve(% = .95);

This is not it as it was noticed by me in my previous comment.

@Lenin Araujo Castillo Read the Copyright article in Wiki. 

pirates books. I deleted it. 

@Teep The pleasure is all mine.

@Kitonum  sense of your answer?

PS. I'd like to quote "that desired 95% outcome can be determined from the first 5 terms".

I'd like to present an article by O V.. Kaptsov " Local algebraic analysis of differential systems" and his article "Algebraic and geometric structures of analytic partial differential equations"  where  Groebner basis is exploited.  BTW, the author refers to the PhD thesis of Allan Wittkopf and Maple.



    numframes = posint


    The number of frames for an animation. The default value is 50.

 to this end? Good luck! 

@Kitonum in the Explore command.

@Rouben Rostamian  for mu1=mu2. 

expresses much without words.

The posted procedure is not any proof of any case. Since fsolve is not an exact solver, the SQ procedure  produces a quadrilateral  which is approximately inscribed in a given parametric curve. No more and no less.

@Christopher2222 You wrote

  • Google is quick to fix it's errors. 

Unbased as well as 

  • Mathematica releasing more updates per version might just mean they have a lot more problems to fix.

here. If you were a solid person, you gave a reference to the long path.

is Maple a CAS or a Google substitute?

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