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in fact, i pass system as parameters because the number of equations are different among the systems

@John Fredsted 

getParams := proc (expr::function) 
local s, r;
s, r := selectremove(type, [op(expr)], function); 
if s <> [] then getParams(s[]), r[] else s[], r[] end if 
end proc;

in this case, not correct
getParams(AA(MM(AA(X1, X2), B2), MM(AA(B2, X3), X5)));
X1, X2, B2


thank you very much, it helps a lot


i am not asking how to dsolve or solve equation

i am asking a programming question about maple how to pass a system which has variables dependent on the local variable inside a function

because there is a need to hard code a system inside a function every time

it seems impossible to use function,

i plan not to use function and write the for loop directly in global instead of local


if (0,0,0) is the solution which is a normal set, dot product of [z] and 0 is 0

why it do not return this solution?


hello 1,2,3

are just 3 polynomials equations in terms of x, y, z

groebner basis result is one variable, [z]

would like to find normal set which perpendicular to groebner basis


how to do the mesh on the image it read?

with the following library?

  1. A simple mesh generator in MATLAB, with Per-Olof Persson, SIAM Review, 46 (2004). 329-345.


no , I do not mean this,

if a question only give part of variety

how to find a complete variety from incomplete variety

is there any dependent or independent checking function?


hi kitonum,

when there are two plus a+b+c

it return a 3 parameters function 

how to be func1(func1(a,b),c) 

two parameters only instead of func1(a,b,c)?


prefix command is in previous one or two questions which I asked before 


Hi Kitonum,

i still have something to ask, when treat minus sign, 

it return error Error, (in Prefix) type ``-`` does not exist

if type(Expr, `*`) then return zipstar(Prefix~([op(Expr)])[ ]) else
if type(Expr, `+`) then return zipplus(Prefix~([op(Expr)])[ ]) else
if type(Expr, `^`) then return func3(Prefix~([op(Expr)])[ ]) else
if type(Expr, `-`) then return Expr else
Expr  fi; fi; fi; fi;
end proc:
Error, (in Prefix) type ``-`` does not exist


very excellent. Thank you.


But this is only hard coded,

i would like to automate this and apply on large amount of equations

i guess it is like prefix but not * and +

because I define custom functions func1 and func2

just input the equation and then output the transformed equation


but, not only coordinate of B and there is also coordinate of E which is electric field

so there are at least six variables are unknown

how to plot when there is coordinate of E field?

is there an example to plot this?

do it need to solve first?

if using Riemann to solve it, how to do?


there are four equation in maxwell equations

such as

curl B - 1/c*diff(E,t) = 4*pi/c j

if I set B as (B1,B2,B3) respect to X1,x2,x3

is it the expected to specify ?

which need to specify?

and what are they corresponding to physical thing


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