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  • I was trying to display a Physics[Vectors] vector name in a 3dplot with an up arrow
    on it. I found that this old 2008 trick still works in MAPLE 2018.





    # Using MAPLE 2018.2


    t:= textplot3d([-1.1,1.1,1,v_]):




    # I found this on an old 2008 post
    t:= textplot3d([-1.1,1.1,1,typeset(`#mover(mi(` || v ||  `),mo("→"))`)]):




    Application of MapleSim in Science and Engineering: a simulationbased approach

    In this research work I show the methods of embedded components together with modeling and simulation carried out with Maple and MapleSim for the main areas of science and engineering (mathematics, physics, civil, mechanical etc); These two latest scientific softwares belonging to the company Maplesoft. Designed to be generated and used by teachers of education, as well as by university teachers and engineers; the results are highly optimal since the times saved in calculations are invested in analyzes and interpretations; among other benefits; in this way we can use our applications in the cloud since web technology supports Maple code with procedural and component syntax.


    Lenin AC

    Ambassador of Maple