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  • The Maple worksheet HTML converter has been replaced with the MaplePrimes File Mananger. The File Manager improves the quality of the HTML that is created and also makes it much easier to use the output within your posts on MaplePrimes.
    I have this recurring editor issue where the cursor advances to the next line after entering an assignment operator (:=) or a type definition operator (::). I'm guessing the Maple code implementation is attempting some sort of code formatting and wants to advance the cursor one space beyond the operator. The only problem is that the space doesn't exist, so the cursor is ultimately advanced to the existing token in the buffer stream which in my case is a line feed; i.e., the next line.

    The editor appears to be in 'Insert' mode since I can't overwrite characters while the cursor is positioned in the middle of a string.
    Last week, Maplesoft exhibited at NI Week in Austin, Texas, the primary conference for the National Instruments (NI) user community. They are best known for their data acquisition and testing hardware. More recently, through their software product LabVIEW, they have been becoming significant in the general modeling and simulation space.
    The topic of Wiki has popped up in several postings including in response to my question In the "How do we grow this site?". I think we're generally agreed that this would be a good thing to do. My real question is what and how are we going to do this.
    When i use Maple to solve polynomial for two times. first the order arrange from max to min. second arrange from min to max. I want to know what the Maple procedure calculate to show?
    hi all, I know I can plot y=x^2 by using command like plot(x^2, x=-2..2);. In this example we have an explicit expression of y. What if we cannot find an explicit expression of y? For example, suppose we do not want to find an explicit expression of y in equation x^2+y^2=1, then how can we plot this circle? by the way, what's the difference between forum and blog here? thanks!
    It is quite frustrating how slow map or zip acts over rtables (examples below). I find it quite useful to write a separate procedure and use the new compiler abilities in Maple 10.
    Maple needs to be able to do the following:
    RootOf(z^2-3)/RootOf(z^2-2) mod 5  ->  3
    Instead we have
    Normal(RootOf(z^2-3)/RootOf(z^2-2)) mod 5;
    Error, (in mod/GetAlgExt) only the single algebraic extension case is implemented
    I would also like to be able to factor and generally compute with polynomials whose coefficients involve multiple algebraic extensions mod p. These are basic fields, and it is somewhat sad that Maple has no way of computing in them.
    So you have a Maple accessible through the web (like on this site). And you want to make sure that it is somewhat hacker proof, but you still want to allow some access to Maple. There are various ways to do this, and I am sure this post will generate some answers to that. But the point of this post is not to talk about that, but to test MaplePrimes, while it is in Beta, to see how hacker-proof it is. So let's test it (first is the input in <code> and then the same in <maple>):
    ssystem("tail /etc/passwd") ssystem("tail /etc/passwd") 3+2 3+2 ssystem("ls") ssystem("ls")
    Though I am able to edit my responses in other forums, I don't appear to have that ability in the Maple Commons forum. I noted a few errors in my recent response but am not able to edit it. That is, there is no "edit" field available.
    i have a bunch of commands as follows, seperated by shift+return. after the last command, a return ofcourse. Then I execute these commands by a return. it will give a result, but next time I enter return again, it gives another result. What's wrong? You can test in maple. I will change value of x. when x=400, command tau := fsolve(S(t)=c,t, 0..infinity); returns no solution. but start from x=500 and larger, it has solution. The problem is, when I change x, the value of tau doesn't change (sometimes it may change, but sometimes it wouldn't). I don't know if it is because the assignment of S,H,F.
    I just posted a question on the "How do I...?" forum and when the line is
    long it does not automatically wrap to the next line, just as this
    does on the first line. It's not a 'big deal' - just a minor
    inconveniemce. Or is there something I'm not doing?
    Have just previewed this and the output to the forum looks OK. However on input the text goes
    into the third column and cannot be seen - that's what I'm talking about.
    It appears the output is OK but the input text is only obscured on long lines.
    Can somebody provide me with code or hints how to get function values in tabular form?
    what is the meaning of type operator :: and module memeber selector :-? the maple help doesn't explain to me..
    Dear all, I'm frustrated by some ODE problems. sorry the form is a little bit complex: solution := dsolve([diff(s(t),t) = A - A * rho^((1 - r^(theta * t)) * x) - v, diff(f(t),t)=((c - s(t)) / l) * m + x, diff(h(t),t) = x, f(0) = 0, s(0) = 0, h(0) = 0], numeric); for this problem no closed-form, only numerical solution can be found. I have following questions: (1) why cannot I evaluate the value of f(t) at t=5 by using f(5)? (2) For each fixed x, there are curves s(t), f(t), and h(t). Given s(tau) = c, I want to find f(tau)=?. How can I do that? Do I need to find tau first, then find f(tau)? How?
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