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Hello all,

I was hoping to get some general tips for tackling numeric integrals. As someone with little experience in the subject, I find myself overwhelemed by the many different integration methods. 

Experts, what are the first steps you take when trying to find a numeric solution to an integral? How might you zero-in on a particular integration method? What about tweaking error parametrs, etc.? Is there a general framework for approaching these problems, or is it all guesswork?


Hi everyone:

How can I convert the following phrase (eq) into the phrase in the photo?

eq:= -w*z^2/(2*E*MI*alpha^2)+w*H*sinh(alpha*H)*cosh(alpha*z)/(alpha^3*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))-w*H*sinh(alpha*H)/(alpha^3*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))+w*cosh(alpha*z)/(alpha^4*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))-w/(alpha^4*E*MI*cosh(alpha*H))+w*H*z/(E*MI*alpha^2)-w*H*sinh(alpha*z)/(E*MI*alpha^3):

the phrase in the photo:


I want to write a proc, say f, that takes an single argument Z, as in
f := proc(Z::?) ...
where the only acceptable Z values are pairs [x,y], where x and y are selected from the set {a,b,c,d}. The entries a,b,c,d of that set are prescribed symbolic constants. 

Thus, the following are legal calls to f:
f([a,a]), f([a,b]), f([d,c])
but these are illegal:
f([a]), f([a,b,c]), f([a,x])

I don't know what to put for the "::?" in the proc's definition in order to enforce those constraints.  Any ideas?

Extra: In fact, I would prefer to ban the f([a,a]) option as well (no repeated symbols) but that's of secondary importance since it is easy to inspect and handle that within the proc's body.

Hello. I am a student who has been given access to Maple through my school. Normally, the program works just fine and without any problems. But today I tried to do a linear regression which did not work as it used to do. Though, the exponential (ExpReg) and the potential (PowReg) regression still works normally.

Here is a picture of what the error looks like:

As shown on the picture, I use a special extension called the 'Gym-pakke' which we use in my high school. As far as I know, this extension is created for Danish high schools?

Another thing that I had like to emphasize, is that the linear regression still works whenever I copy-paste the command from a previous document - a document from before the issue began. But I am tired of having to copy-paste every time I have to do a linear regression.

Please help me solve this problem, thanks! :)

Hi there!

I am trying to save the coefficients of a polynomial in a list to work with them in a rather complicated procedure. It is about representing a polynomial via a set of orthogonal polynomials phi_n which change depending on the input. For example, phi_s*phi_0=1*phi_s, so the coefficient of phi_s is 1 and the rest is 0. I save this as a[s][0][s]:=1. In this procedure, however, the coefficient of phi_{s+1} or phi_{s+10} might come up, and I have not declared them as 0, so the procedure stops whenever something like a[s][0][s+2] or a[s][0][s+10] appears. I could work with polynomials I guess, saving x^s for the result of

phi_s*phi_0 and working with coeff (x^s,n), which would indeed return 0 if n is not s instead of aborting the entire procedure, however, to me, it's not quite beautiful coding to encrypt the needed coefficients in another polynomial instead of just extracting them into a list. Is there a way to tell Maple that anything unspecified, a[s][j][x], shall just be 0?
Thank you in advance, Daniel

I did two attempts with different ideas